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Reviews & Testimonials

Here are some things our patients have said about us…

I came in for an emergency medical and had a great experience with the doctor and staff – Jonah King

Great optometry for the whole family. I have never been happier with my glasses and my kids all love going to see the doctor. She’s great with them and they even had a great selection of glasses for the whole family. – Harold Sotomayor

I went to Gould Vision because my previous doctor prescribed me glasses that gave me headaches and made it very tough to drive. Red lights were fuzzy and I saw spots when I was at the beach. I found Gould Vision on Google and received a diagnosis as well as a new prescription that suits me perfectly from Dr. Gould. I picked out multiple pairs of prescription frames and will be back here for my annual checkups! – Samuel Dithrin

I love Gould Vision!! The staff is extremely helpful and friendly every time I go. There is a great selection, great customer service, and great prices! – Sophie Sokol

After struggling for years to find eyewear that felt right for me, Gould Vision finally provided me with eyewear that fit my needs properly. Their extremely kind staff made it a very welcoming environment. I am so happy with my experience. Thank you Gould Vision! – Stella Sable

Gould Vision is the best! My experience there getting my first glasses was life-changing. I always thought that I saw just as well as all of the other kids, but when I was 9 my parents got worried about my sight and took me to see Dr. Gould. I remember finally being able to read a poster from across the room and crying because I finally knew what I’d been missing out on. Dr. Gould is the kindest and most compassionate person, and I’ve gone back to her ever since for all of my eye needs. – Daniel Freedline

I recently switched to Gould Vision and I couldn’t be happier. The staff is always extremely helpful and friendly. Overall I had a great experience. Great selection, great customer service, and great prices! – Alicia Stuart

Since getting glasses, Gould Vision has been exceptional. Not only were they kind and caring they nailed my prescription and I have been seeing great since. They also have a great selection and variety! – Harry Sanchez

I LOVE Gould Vision! I’ve been coming here for around 7 years now and I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else! Everyone is so helpful and friendly, and the prices are great. I would highly recommend going here for a great experience. – Meredith Hutchinson

Gould Vision provided me with an incredible experience, their service is great. With almost no wait time, a vast selection of choices on eyewear and just all-around good people who run the business I left feeling very satisfied. I have found my new eye doctor for years to come, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. – Nicolas K. Valls

Great selection of glasses but even better than their product is their customer service. I don’t have an easy time interacting with people but selecting glasses and talking to the workers made me feel at ease. Truly exceptional care and great products. – Pablo Benavides

Dr. Gould was so helpful from the minute I walked in the door. I’ve had trouble with several other eye doctors but Dr. Gould made looking for glasses a breeze and I will definitely be a repeat customer! – Matthew Simko

I have had glasses for as long as I can remember and Gould Visions has been my go-to place. When I thought I was going blind in the fourth grade my parents took me to their good friend Dr. Gould and she discovered that I had astigmatism. With her kindness and patience, she helped me find the perfect pair of glasses. Whenever I have an issue with my eyes, Dr. Gould is there. Her business is so great that I make the trek all the way to Miami Beach from Coral Gables just to get the best eye care in the city. – Shovan Bhatia

I received excellent service— I came in after a long time of wearing the same glasses and noticed that my vision with them was deteriorating. Dr. Gould then proceeded to realize that while I was wearing a -1.75 prescription I should have really been wearing a -2.5! For so long I had been wearing my previous prescription- the professionalism I received was excellent and I also managed to get myself a cool new pair of Oliver People’s glasses too! – Alexander Lerner

I have been seeing Dr. Gould at Gould Vision for several years. The office has always been very professional and I have complete confidence in the staff. Dr. Gould is especially good with children and I highly recommend this office. – Kelli Miller

Dr. Gould is the best! Being almost legally blind, I have tried many different eye doctors until I went to her… since then, I feel happy and comfortable with my eye treatment and Highly recommend! – Daniela Zebede

After learning I need glasses, Dr. Gould made me feel comfortable and excited about them! The service was helpful and professional, and I was able to pick out the glasses I loved. I definitely would recommend them to anyone in the Miami area. – Abby Siegel

Dr. Gould is an amazing doctor, and as someone who hates having things near my eyes, I was very satisfied with how comfortable I felt during my eye exam. Thank you, Dr. Gould. – Samson Bienstock

My family is not from Miami so it was hard to find an eye doctor we could trust. Luckily we went to Gould Vision and have not been disappointed. The patient care is great and the staff is very well trained. Thank you!! – Sarah Mesa

I have constantly needed to change the strength of my glasses ever since I found out I needed them in elementary school. Gould Vision is the only place I would consider going to because they are the best at correcting my vision. Previously, other places have made slight inaccuracies to my lenses which are noticeable and annoying, but never here. – Tucker Weed

Great selection of glasses to choose from and very polite and helpful staff. Would recommend it to others. – Kyle Pearson

I’ve always struggled with my past optometrist, and at Gould Vision, I finally had a successful experience. Anyone in the search for glasses should use Gould Vision! – Nicole Edmunds

Very helpful management and were also addressed my problems in a timely manner. Definitely come here if you are looking for a good optometrist. – Lorenzo Prattico

I recently realized I needed glasses so I decided to go to Gould Vision. I could not have been happier! Amazing, friendly staff and quick and easy service! Dr. Gould was the best and I’m so glad I went to her. – Margo Squire

I have had vision problems my entire life. I have been to several different optometrists and none have compared to Gould Vision. You can tell that the staff genuinely care and are some of the nicest and most polite people I have ever met. – Grant Archer

Would highly recommend Dr. Gould to anyone. Very qualified and approachable. – Winston Iam

I have worn glasses my whole life. I have become accustomed to the annoyance of them falling every time I look down and getting fogged up when I walk outside. I decided I wanted to have Laser Vision Correctional Surgery and choose Dr. Gould because of her excellent credentials. I was very anxious and uneasy about the surgery, but the staff at Gould Vision made me feel right at home. Truly Dr. Gould and her team changed my life and would recommend him to anyone. – Grace Waibel

I’ve never had better care than at Gould Vision. The staff is super friendly and helpful and I love going there. When I go I don’t feel like a patient but rather a member of the family at Gould Vision. When it comes to eye care, they are extremely knowledgeable and truly know what’s best for each and every patient. I tell all my friends when it comes to eye care Gould vision is the only way to go! – Jake Schwartz

Basically no wait time. I was in and out in 30 minutes. Could not be happier with them! – Matthew Jackson

My son came home from school the other month complaining of headaches and not being able to see the board in class. My husband and I decided to take him to Gould Vision because it was highly recommended by a friend. The lovely staff helped my son get the perfect pair of glasses. Now he never complains of headaches! – Olivia Perdigon

Affordable prices, genuine concern for customers. – Fernando Perez-Hickman

Great service, can’t recommend Dr. Gould enough for your eye care needs. – Alex Denize

Dr. Gould is absolutely MARVELOUS. I have never felt dismissed or left unsatisfied with Gould Vision. You go there and it feels like family. Funny how what seems to be a simple eyeglasses repair becomes so much more… 5/5 highly recommend to anyone with clearly —rather, unclearly (LOL)— aging vision like myself. I LOVE YOU ADINA <3 – Eitan Dooreck-Aloni

After 9 years of dealing with glasses, I made an appointment with Dr. Gould on a friend’s recommendation. Super friendly staff, quick wait time, and it turns out the previous doctor I’d been seeing was giving me the wrong prescription for a while now! Best eye doctor on Miami Beach by far! – Kathleen Hutchinson

I don’t normally leave reviews, but the excellent help from the staff inclined me to do so. My younger brother was having trouble seeing in class. Seeing as my parents were away for the next few weeks, I decided to take him to an optometrist myself. The staff at Gould Vision were extremely helpful. I personally want to thank Dr. Gould for helping my brother and me out! – Tomas Gomez

I checked this place out after it was recommended to me by a friend and it was a great experience. Staff is excellent, I felt very comfortable there. – Jake Berlin

I had personally never been to an eye doctor but the first time I walked into the doors I knew Gould Vision had me covered. Such great staff and my daughter loves it too. – Howard Scharlin

Great service, friendly employees. Can’t wait to go back for my next pair of glasses. – Catherine Kolski

Very helpful and personable staff, thank you so much for the new glasses. – Josh Angel

Quick easy and great for my kids. I got junior his prescription with ease. The doctors know what they’re talking about and contactable if you need help. – Jake Quanstrom

Friendly, professional, simply the best!!! Dr. Gould and her staff offer you unparalleled service and the best prices in town! My entire family goes to her practice for annual checkups!!! – George Matz

Just finished my yearly exam and visit with Dr. Gould. I picked out these latest and greatest of Oliver Peoples with the help of Dr. Gould. Not only a great doctor but very helpful in choosing the best frame for my face. – Matthew Albin

I was on vacation and having an issue with my right eye. From the moment I called to the moment I left it was a great experience. Friendly and a very thorough exam and also everything was explained to me. Dr. Gould was a pleasure, wish I had her back home 🙂 – Jessica Bogdanovic

Been with Dr. Gould for 5 years. Keeps getting better and better newly renovated optical. Bought Tom Ford glasses and my contact lenses. Matched online prices for contacts. Great deal. – Jon Levine

Fantastic eye doctor and the optical has all the new trends for glasses. Aside from my husband who used to do my eye exams, Dr. GOULD I highly recommend. – Merle Setren

Great doctor. Great staff. Hip eyewear. Highly recommend – Edward Green

Fabulous office and fabulous doctor. I don’t usually write reviews but I left there today and thought I need to do something to let people know extraordinary she was. – Charlie Daboub

My first time visiting Gould Vision was a great experience. Dr. Gould is friendly, professional and caring. The staff was very helpful. Would highly recommend it. – Paula Arrazola

Dr. Gould was very kind and professional and took her time completing the eye exam and going over the results. It was my first time visiting an optometrist, and she answered every question I had regarding my eyeglass prescription. The staff was very friendly and I left with two pairs of glasses for a great price! – Lenny Castells

Thank you! Gould Vision helped me during my visit to Miami! 🙂 – Suset Vega

I travel to Miami just to see Dr. Gould and her amazing team. The best service and staff your eyes could wish for. If you are in Miami and looking for an eye doctor, I highly recommend them. – Bernard Polk

Gould Vision has the best equipment for eye care. The office is beautiful and well maintained. The staff is excellent! The office also has a great selection of glasses to choose from. I would highly recommend Gould Vision. Lauren Geduld

Dr. Gould is extremely professional and amazing with children. Her office is convenient and has a wonderful selection of frames… I highly recommend her! – Emily Carroll

Dr. Gould solved my contact lens issue that several others had been unable to figure out. Always friendly faces here and a great selection of frames. Highly recommended. – Lorin Munchick

Dr. Gould and staff have always given top-notch service and care to my whole family. We love the fact that they are local residents and active in the Miami Beach community! – Anthony Harris

Incredibly caring from the beginning to the end. Adina Gould saved my eyesight, I can see perfectly and I’m so incredibly happy! – Ceci Velasco

Had the best experience with Dr. Gould. If anyone is looking to get glasses or to have an eye exam, I highly recommend Gould Vision. Best service in the eye business – Adi Elfenbein

Dr. Gould saw me on time, was extremely knowledgable, and has a very patient-friendly setting. Would recommend her services highly! – Perry Greenfield

Dr. Adina Gould was so easy and fun to deal with. She has a great sense of humor and a fun approach to her work. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of attractive eyewear. – Josh Rogers

Dr. Gould is brilliant and her staff is amazing! A very professional, warm and welcoming office. I have only had positive experiences every time I go to Gould Vision. Friends, colleagues, and family members who I referred to Dr. Gould would say the same. – Alana Gissen

Being from Michigan and making trips to Miami. I realize I have forgotten to pack up my daily contacts. But luckily Gould Vision was amazing and offered me sample packs with a price. The price was nice and fair. I agreed to it and it made me happy. Will recommend to all visitors from other states. – Sarmed Kammo

Dr. Gould is the sweetest thing. Her staff is too. They work with me. I’m very dramatic and Dr. Gould knew how to work around that. Love her. Thank you. – Ma’laija Bess

Dr. Adina Gould, the Founder of Gould Vision, is a very lovely and talented lady and I am so very pleased to have her as my Optometrist for many years now! Her staff is very competent and gracious. It is such a pleasure to visit their very nice facility and have them complete my visit with prompt and reliable service. – Gloria Teixeira

Great vision care. Very professional and welcoming. I very highly recommend Dr. Adina Gould and her staff. They truly care for their patients, offer so many options, and they are very honest too. Not only do I refer my patients to Gould Vision, but I have also sent my family and friends there. Also, I am a patient at Gould Vision too. – Anup Sabharwal

During my visit to Gould Vision, Dr. Gould exhibited the professionalism and care I would hope for from any physician. She couldn’t have been more personable and I have nothing but good things to say about the entire experience. The Gould Vision staff is great, everyone went out of their way to ensure my comfort, prompt service, and very knowledgable. I also loved the variety of styles of frames to choose from. I will continue to go to Gould Vision for all my eye care needs. – Alexandra Marquez

Dr. Gould is outstanding. I have never seen a doctor take so much time and thought in the process. She is the best!!! – Sherry Roberts

While on vacation in Miami Beach, I was running on the beach and I got sand in my eye. I saw Dr. Gould and she took great care of me. Thankfully, I was able to enjoy the rest of my vacation & long runs on the beach. Thank you, Dr. Gould! – Rina Altamirano

The best in the area!! Always great service. Highly recommended for all your vision needs!! – Carlos Casanueva

Very friendly and quick. Solid selection and knowledgeable staff. – Diego Lugo

My 7-year-old son loved it…It was his first visit to the optometrist and everyone was extremely nice and helpful. Dr. Gould and her staff are exceptional with kids and extremely patient. They go over all details from beginning to end and go the extra mile when needed. I would definitely recommend this practice. – Jacqueline Benard

I have never ever been treated in such a lovely, caring and yet professional way in any doctor’s office in my entire life! Great teamwork among the staff and Dr. Gould is very knowledgeable and thorough with her patients. I highly recommend to visit this office: You’ll be impressed! – Ruben Diaz

From the minute I walked in, to the second I walked out – the service was amazing. Someone was there to greet everyone that walked in and the people behind the desk were amazing! Unlike other Eye Doctors that I’ve been to, it was a very, very personal experience that I would definitely recommend. They definitely do more than just take care of you. – Zackariah Sloane

I was in desperate need to find a new eye doctor because I had tried 2 or 3 different places and I was not happy with any of them. Last week I decided to “google” providers of Silhouette eyewear in Miami Beach, Florida, and Dr. Gould’s office was the first place that popped up. Although I was not seen by Dr. Gould, and another doctor saw me on Saturday; Dr. Cothran was very nice and very efficient. Moreover, I am very happy with the treatment the staff gave me. Vickie was exceptionally helpful in helping me choose the right frames for me, and treated me like “gold”. I now will recommend this place to everyone I know because my experience was phenomenal. Thank you! – Mirtha Sanchez

Dr. Gould and her staff are just amazing! What a wonderful experience. I will continue to come back here! – Martha Perez

I absolutely love Dr. Gould and her staff. I was suffering from dry eye syndrome and within a year of Dr. Gould’s care, my eyes are 110% better. I would definitely recommend Dr. Gould and her team to anyone in a heartbeat. Keep up the great work and love for your patients 🙂 – Michelle Lavin-Alonson

Dr. Gould’s office was perfect. I had been trying to find a doctor that not only would take my insurance but also actually have an opening in less than a two month period! The receptionist immediately found me an opening and ‘fit me in’ two days later! The staff at the office were EXTREMELY nice and PROFESSIONAL. I must confess, I hadn’t been to an eye exam in over 15 years, and this office made my visit worthwhile. I was seen by Dr. Thompson and she was very professional and explained all my options well as well as the results of all exams. Great Doc! Thank you all at Dr. Adina Gould’s office. – Benjamin Vinas

Both Dr. Gould and staff are professionals in the quality of service they provide. I love the new location too! Dr. Gould, you’re the best! – Paola Celpa

The employees at Dr. Gould’s are exceptionally friendly and go out of their way to help you. Dr. Gould is cool, knowledgeable, & answered my questions thoroughly. – Albert Hixson

The staff here is wonderful! Everyone is super friendly and helpful. They get you in and out quickly and you can tell they all care about their clients. – Shannon Vazifdar

I visited Dr. Gould for my routine eye exam recently and have been thoroughly impressed by their level of service. The ladies at the reception desk were very professional and friendly. Both Dr. Gould and Dr. Thompson were professional and kind and provided great care during my exam and explaining my treatment options. – LeVar K.

Dr. Gould and her staff could not be more professional or friendly. On my first visit, I was treated as if I was a favorite customer that had been going there for years. Had the most comprehensive eye exam I’ve ever had, which Dr. Gould later took the time to explain thoroughly. Also, they have a great selection of frames. Would definitely recommend it! – Marivi Iglesias

Dr. Gould is great and the staff is wonderful too. I had gone to a supposed contact lens specialist previously but never could get the hang of putting in the contacts. Dr. Gould noted that I have an unusually shaped eyeball and said she wasn’t surprised that I would have had difficulty inserting the type of contacts I had tried. She prescribed a different type and voila! I can do it no problem. Very conscientious and sharp! – Kathryn Villano

The doctor was incredibly thorough and really knew her stuff. All the technicians and office assistants were friendly, very helpful and no one tried to sell us anything unnecessary. My husband and I both went to get glasses and I also got contacts. We would definitely recommend Dr. Gould’s office to anyone! – Teresa Kowall

I had not been to the Optometrist in years and the employees were very friendly and help me find a perfect pair of prescription glasses. Good pricing using my United Health Care insurance, fast delivery of my glasses, and overall pleasant experience. – Nelson Oliva II

Super fast service, reasonable prices, and extremely helpful and friendly staff. Loved it, will be back next year and I have already referred friends. – Naveen Paul

Absolutely excellent, bar none. Love Dr. Gould and her staff, who are truly amazing. Love the experience and the care I receive. – Raja Mudad

By far one of the best optometrist visits I’ve ever had. Dr. Adina Gould is extremely sweet and extremely professional. I felt like I was going to a friend’s home more than I did a doctor’s office. The selection of frames was also excellent, and the office employees all gave me honest feedback and TONS of help picking out the perfect frames. Very easy to get to and lots of parking in the back of the building. Very highly recommended! – Jorden Beatty

I absolutely LOVED this place. I was greeted and welcomed by two of the sweetest receptionist I have ever met. So warm and positive. The optometrist was so gentle and friendly. She made me feel very comfortable and took her time to examine my eyes. I greatly appreciated everything everyone did for me and I would definitely go back again and again. I will recommend this place to every person I know. – Jaymez Anderson

This was my first time at Gould Vision and I was so impressed with the friendly staff and expertise. I got an exam and glasses and could not have had a better experience. The service was prompt and beyond courteous. I would recommend to anyone looking for an eye doctor in the Miami area. – Kevin Merrill

Saturday Appointments! If not for their flexible hours and helpful staff I’d still be wearing glasses that are more then 6 years old. They are professional, friendly, and quick. They told me my glasses would take two weeks to be ready, but after one week I received a call that they were ready to be picked up. I definitely would recommend Dr. Gould and her staff to anyone. And I will soon be returning for my contact lens exam. – Dan Brown