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How Zinc Can Help You

Many people ask their Miami Beach eye doctor what supplements they can take to improve their vision, and they are often told to consume Zinc on a regular basis. Zinc is an essential nutrient for the human body because it helps the body absorb Vitamin A and also with fighting against free radicals. Zinc has been linked to helping people prevent night blindness and also macular degeneration. Preventing these two things alone is reason enough for an optometrist in Miami Beach to tell their patients to take it regularly. There are also plenty of other supplements that can benefit people’s vision, but Zinc is definitely one of the most important.

Why Consuming Zinc is Important

One of the most common questions people ask their doctor in Miami Beach is just what Zinc is going to do for them. Zinc presence is highly concentrated in the eyes because it helps bring Vitamin A from the liver to the retina. This is done so the eyes can produce melanin, a pigment that the eye uses to protect itself. It’s mostly found in the retina and the choroid, but it’s also found in other parts of the eye as well.

● The eyes being able to produce the proper amount of melanin is critical to natural eye protection, which is why Zinc is very important.

● Zinc helps the body fight off bacteria and viruses, which are more common today.

● Zinc helps to regulate hormones in the body.

● Zinc is great for fighting off cellular damage from free radicals.

● Studies have also shown that Zinc is great for reversing heart disease and preventing cancer.

Taking Zinc on a Daily Basis

People who are wondering what supplements they need to be taking regularly should definitely include Zinc into their daily regimen. Their Miami Beach eye doctor will also likely tell them to take other things, such as Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Lutein and Zeaxanthin as well. For an adult male, about 11 mgs per day is a sufficient dose of Zinc. For an adult female, about 8 mgs per day is sufficient. However, there are daily multivitamins that people can take which contain Zinc and a number of other essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. People who ensure they are consuming these things on a regular basis are less likely to deal with optical issues in their future.

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