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Do You Strain Your Eyes?

Many people find themselves straining to see when they are reading a book or looking at a blackboard in a classroom. Nobody should be squinting just so they can see something normally, yet many people have to do this. Patients straining their eyes is one of the most common reasons they make an appointment with an optometrist in Miami Beach. Most of the time, though, the reason someone is squinting can be diagnosed and treated easily. If you find yourself squinting just so you can see something, you likely suffer from frequent headaches that are reducing your quality of life. An eye doctor in Miami Beach will be able to diagnose the cause of your squinting and help you eradicate this problem for good.

Common Reasons People Strain Their Eyes

While there are rare eye conditions that may cause people to strain their eyes, most of the time they are doing this because of something simple that can be corrected with glasses or contacts.

Here are some of the most common reasons people overly strain their eyes:

● Being nearsighted. If someone can easily see objects up close but not far away, they are likely going to squint so they can see the distant objects. Nearsightedness can be easily corrected with the right glasses or contacts.

● Being farsighted. Sometimes people will strain their eyes so they can read what’s on a piece of paper right in front of them. This is usually from farsightedness and can also be treated with glasses or contacts.

● An astigmatism. This condition is also a refractive issue that prevents people from being able to see correctly at various distances. The most common symptom of this condition is straining to see and headaches after prolonged visual tasks.

What Can be Done About Eye Strain

Depending on your particular condition, many things can be done to prevent from overly straining your eyes. Eye doctors in Miami use a variety of tools to diagnose someone’s vision problems, and there are also many tests that can help with a diagnosis. With either nearsightedness, farsightedness, or an astigmatism, contacts or glasses can be used to fix the problem. The extra lens will be specifically designed to properly refract the light into your eyes so images appear more clearly.

However, there are other options available for those who suffer from these common conditions. Sometimes, a doctor in Miami Beach can use a laser to reshape your cornea so that you can see without having to strain anymore. Taking headache medication to combat the migraines is not recommended because this is only a temporary solution to a permanent problem; your eyes will not reshape on their own. Contacts, glasses, and laser surgery are the most common solutions for those who strain their eyes often.

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