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Winter Allergies And Your Eye Problems

Do your eyes get itchy and red when the winter months come around? There’s a chance you’re one of the many who has winter allergies. Like in the warmer seasons, your eyes can get a working if they react to the allergens that come with winter. Here’s what you need to know about winter allergies and your eyes.

What Are Winter Allergies?

Unlike the warmer allergy seasons where the triggers are from the outdoors, winter allergies usually originate from inside your home or work (where you spend more time when the outside temp drops). Your body may react to:

How Winter Allergies Affect Your Eyes

Like other allergies, winter allergy symptoms attack the entrances to your body—your eyes, nose, mouth and ears. When dander or mold spores find their way to your body, you may get:

Could It Just Be A Cold?

Yes, it could! The dry air makes cold viruses more common in the winter months. But there are a few ways to tell the difference:

Visual cues. If your nose drips are discolored, it could be a cold. Nasal secretions from allergies tend to run clear.

Duration. If your itchy eyes and runny nose last for only a week, it could be a cold. Symptoms from allergies usually last for weeks or longer.

Environment. If other people in your office or at home are sick with a cold virus, you probably caught it. If you’re the only one with symptoms, you may just have allergies.

How To Keep Your Winter Allergies Down

Keep your home clean. Vacuum, dust, and air out your home regularly.

Stay hydrated. Even if you get an allergic reaction, drinking water and using a humidifier can help keep symptoms mild.

Wash your bedding. Send you sheets, pillowcases and blankets through the wash once a week.

Use an air filter. Change out your furnace filter at least once a month and use a smaller room-sized air filter if your symptoms get really bad.

Hibernate until spring. Fill up on carbs and have a 3-month snooze like the great grizzly bear of the northwest. Just remember to set an alarm.

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