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Why Your Eyes Are So Sensitive To Light


Many people find that their eyes are so sensitive to light that they need to make an appointment with their Miami optometrist to discuss their concerns. Being unable to go out during the day without a pair of sunglasses or extreme discomfort can reduce a person’s quality of life. Some people experience this problem more than others, though, which is actually a condition known as photophobia. Eye doctors in Miami commonly see people with lighter colored eyes suffering from photophobia, but those with darker colored eyes can also experience this as well. Overexposure to light can actually damage a person’s retina, which is why this condition is not one to be taken lightly. People with photophobia can actually go blind or partially blind by being exposed to environments that people with normal vision can handle with ease.

What Causes Photophobia in Patients?

Photophobia is normally a side effect of another condition that a person has, such as optical inflammation or an eye infection. However, your Miami eye doctor may tell you about these other conditions that can cause an extreme sensitivity to light:

What Can Be Done About Photophobia?

Those who are suffering from this condition are likely wondering if there’s anything they can do to treat it. There are some things that people can do, but none of them are permanent. For example, people who are prescribed eyeglasses in Miami Beach can select a particular lens that automatically dims in sunlight, which makes them act just like sunglasses. Also, people can wear powerful sunglasses that effectively block out UV rays from the sun if they are naturally sensitive to light. If your eye doctor has expressed concerns over your sensitivity to light, then be sure to take their advice when it comes to wearing optical protection. Extreme light exposure can easily damage your retina, in which case you would lose your ability to see normally.

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