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Why Your Eye Might Be Twitching And How To Stop It

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Does your eyelid twitch randomly? It happens to a lot of people, and it’s normally a result of something pretty simple. While extreme cases of eye twitching can be a sign of a neurological disorder or a nerve problem, this is rare and twitching is usually caused by simple things. Common eye twitches last anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes.

6 Common Causes Of Eye Twitching

Your eye might be twitching because of:

1) Being overly exhausted: If you’re extremely tired, your eye muscles might be strained from being used for a long period of time without rest.

2) Bright lights and blue light: Everyone’s different, but there’s a good chance your eyes are just sensitive to light. If your eye twitches when you’re working, it could be a response to the fluorescent lighting or even your computer screen.

3) Caffeine intake: Especially if you drink several cups of coffee or soda during the day. However, some people can consume large amounts of caffeine and never get a single eye twitch.

4) Side effects of certain medications: If you’ve started taking new pills and your eye twitching is new, you might want to discuss it with your doctor.

5) Smoking cigarettes: Smoke can get in the eyes and irritate them. Cigarettes can also give you eyes problems that are far more serious than twitching.

6) Wind exposure: Debris is everywhere, and even a simple breeze can send it to your eyes and irritate them.

5 Ways To Stop Eye Twitching

1) Try to get more sleep and exercise. The more rested you are, the less your eyes will twitch. Exercise is important for a healthy lifestyle overall and can be helpful if you’re having trouble sleeping.

2) Drink more water and cut back on coffee or soda.

3) If you’re prescribed eyeglasses, wear them! Glasses help reduce eye strain and can also keep debris from getting. Also, wear sunglasses whenever you’re outside.

4) Switch your computer display to a night mode (Night Shift in Macs) or reduce the amount of blue light the monitor is emitting. Blue light can strain your eyes and cause long-term damage.

5) If you smoke, quit.

If you make some or all of these lifestyle changes, the chances are good that you’ll reduce your eye twitches. However, if the twitching is extreme and getting worse, you should schedule an eye exam to make sure there’s not a more severe underlying issue.

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