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Why Wearing Sunglasses is so Important

When people go outside during the day, they need to be wearing sunglasses to prevent from damaging their eyes. Any eye doctor in Miami Beach will tell their patients just how crucial it is to be wearing them during peak sunlight hours. Harmful rays from the sun can penetrate someone’s eyes, causing damage to the retina and other portions of the eye. Also, the eyes can actually become sunburnt from overexposure to light. Sunglasses are not just for being stylish, many of them come with special lenses that prevent UV rays from getting through. Those who are concerned about getting the right pair of sunglasses for eye protection can speak with their Miami Beach eye doctor about which ones are going to be right for them.

Negative Effects the Sun Can Have on Your Eyes

People who don’t wear sunglasses when they are outside during the day are prone to developing all sorts of optical issues. If you ask your Miami eye doctor what can happen if you don’t wear sunglasses, they are likely going to tell you these things:

● People who don’t wear sunglasses outside can develop premature cataracts. About 20% of cataract cases are caused by overexposure to UV rays from the sun.

Pterygium is a condition where excess tissue grows on the white part of the eye, altering its shape and causing vision problems. This condition is associated with exposure to UV rays.

● Macular degeneration. This is a condition that is related to the retina in a person’s eyes, which can become damaged from UV exposure.

Using Regular Glasses as Protection

Those who don’t like to wear sunglasses or are prescribed eyeglasses in Miami Beach can opt for lenses that automatically tint in the sunlight. There are new eyeglasses on the market which will automatically darken when they are exposed to more light than normal. This allows someone who wears regular glasses to experience the benefits of sunglasses at the same time. If you are concerned about protecting your eyes and ensuring that your vision is good for as long as possible, then be sure to get yourself a pair of tinting eyeglasses or even prescription sunglasses.

photo credit: Clara´s Eye via photopin (license)