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Why We Have Blind Spots

Eye doctors in Miami are frequently asked questions by their patients during routine exams. When someone finds out interesting information regarding their eyes, they are likely going to want to learn more about it from a source that can be considered reliable. When it comes to getting facts about eye and visual information, there is no better person to ask than an actual Miami Beach eye doctor. One thing that many people want to find out more information about is their blind spots; what their purpose is, why we have them, and if there’s anything to worry about regarding them. In regards to blind spots, every single person has them because they are a natural part of human anatomy.

What is the Purpose of a Blind Spot?

If you ask your Miami optometrist to elaborate on human blind spots, then you may hear some of these facts:

When to be Concerned About a Blind Spot

On a day to day basis, people should not be aware that they have blind spots. In fact, many people are surprised to find out that every person has a blind spot in each eye because they have never had any indication of this in their life. However, there are times when people become aware of their blind spots when they shouldn’t be. If someone is able to “see” a blind spot in their vision or notice that it comes and goes at times, then they need to be examined by an eye doctor in Miami as soon as possible. When a person is able to tell where their blind spot is without performing a special test, it is an indicator that there’s a problem within their eyes that needs to be addressed. For example, a developing optical health issue can cause someone to experience blind spot problems, in which case they should be examined to figure out what’s causing it to happen.

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