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Why Eyes Blink 17 Times Per Minute

Any doctor in Miami Beach will tell you that one of the most important aspects of having healthy eyes is blinking. People blink dozens of times each minute, and it’s an automatic body function that’s critical to the health of the eyes. A blink is supposed to spread moisture over the eyes, prevent debris from getting in them, and also dislodge any objects that have gotten into the eye. However, some people have issues with the frequency in which they blink, which can often result in chronic dry eye syndrome. People who work on a computer or read often commonly deal with this issue. There are things Miami eye doctors can do to help those who have dry eye from their blink issues, though.

Why Do People Blink in the First Place?

Many people don’t know just how important it is to blink as often as they should be. Those who are concerned about their blinking can ask their eye doctor in Miami to explain the importance of this automatic body function.

Treatmenting Problems Resulting From Not Blinking Enough

If you have been dealing with dry eyes because of a blinking problem, then you need to speak with your eye doctor about this issue. They can prescribe you a special eye drop that will help to thicken your natural tears, allowing them to stay on the surface of your eyes for longer than normal. You can also have your eyeglasses in Miami Beach adjusted if you need changes made that will help your blinking problem. There are also other treatments that can be done which can help those with dry eye syndrome. If you feel that your blink frequency is causing a problem with your vision or eyes, then be sure to get this issue addressed as soon as possible.

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