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What is Presbyopia?

One of the most common reasons elderly people make an appointment with their Miami Beach eye doctor is because they are suffering from presbyopia. This is a condition where people can see objects in the distance with ease, but they are unable to make out things that are right in front of them. It’s cause by an elongated cornea in the eye due to age, but it can easily be treated in most cases. People who are suffering from this condition need to visit with their eye doctor in Miami as soon as possible so they can be treated for it right away; the longer someone goes without treating their condition, the more symptoms and health issues they will suffer from.

How to Tell if You Have Presbyopia

There are many determining factors in figuring out if you have presbyopia, the most obvious of which is if you cannot see objects that are right in front of you. It often occurs in people who are around the age of 40, and it’s different from traditional farsightedness– which is a genetic/environmental optical condition. Presbyopia develops over time and with age, which is one of the main reasons people who are in their 40’s and 50’s make an appointment with their optometrist in Miami Beach. Here are some common diagnostic criteria for presbyopia:

● An inability to see objects up close. If someone who’s getting older notices that they need to hold a book at arm’s length to read it, then they are likely developing presbyopia.

● Genetic factors. While this condition develops over time and with age, if someone’s parents had it in life, then there’s a good chance they will also be dealing with it.

Headaches or fatigue when trying to read. People with this condition often get worn out easily just from trying to read a book.

● Squinting/rubbing eyes. If someone is developing presbyopia, they may just think they have something in their eyes. This will cause them to squint or rub them more frequently than normal, both of which are unhealthy things to do.

Treating Presbyopia

In most cases, a doctor in Miami Beach can prescribe eyeglasses to deal with this condition. They are often bifocals, or PALs, which stands for Progressive Addition Lenses. These glasses are going to provide people with the ability to see normal objects at a distance, but also have another lens in them that will allow for better focusing up close. These glasses are going to be satisfactory for most people, but laser surgery may also be an option. Those who are uncomfortable wearing glasses can ask their eye doctor about the surgery to see if they are eligible for it.

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