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What’s Convergence Insufficiency?

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Convergence insufficiency is an optical condition where a patient’s eyes don’t work in conjunction with each other while focusing on a nearby object. Eye doctors see patients with this condition on a regular basis, and they can treat it in a number of ways depending on severity.

If you’ve noticed that you’re seeing double when trying to focus on nearby objects, then you may want to speak with your eye doctor and be tested for convergence insufficiency.

3 Ways to Treat Convergence Insufficiency

Surgery is not effective for patients with this condition, but many other treatment options have been developed. One of these treatments, or a combination of them, can be recommended by your optometrist based on how severe your condition is.

1) There are computer programs that can improve convergence ability. These programs are simple to use and work as an effective cure as long as the program is used diligently.

2) Prism glasses are another effective way to improve convergence ability. They should only be used temporarily, though, as the prism glasses will put a strain on the eyes and can be unhealthy with prolonged use.

3) Patching can help relieve the discomfort from double-vision that is associated with this condition, but it’s not an effective way to entirely cure this convergence insufficiency.

Diagnosing Convergence Insufficiency

If you believe you may be suffering from this particular condition, you need to make an appointment with your eye doctor for a test. There are a number of tests medical professionals can perform to determine if someone actually has this condition or if their discomfort is being caused by something else.

An eye doctor will also check your ocular muscle function to make sure they’re intact and not the cause of your vision issues. If you’re diagnosed with this condition, then your eye doctor is going to go over the available treatment options and help you figure out which one(s) will be best for your based on their findings from the examination.

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