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What Does Your Eye Color Mean?

One of the most common things that younger patients ask their optometrist in Miami Beach is what their eye color means. While most people think that their eye color is just something genetic and really has no meaning, there are studies showing that there may be behavioral traits linked to eye color. The iris, or colored portion of the eye, is the part that’s responsible for expanding and contracting in reaction to light so the retina doesn’t become damaged. Not all eye doctors know about the behavioral studies linked to eye color, but some patients may get a surprising response from their eye doctor in Miami when they ask this question.

Eye Color and Personality Traits.

With most studies regarding eye color and behavior, results are found that link certain personality traits to the known eye colors. These are not definitive results, but these are some of the things a patient might hear if they ask their doctor in Miami Beach about what their eye color means:

● Black. Black is probably the most rare eye color on the planet, but it does exist. People with black eyes are said to be trustworthy, responsible, and secretive.

● Brown. Brown is the most common known eye color, and it often represents people who are independent, polite, and caring.

● Hazel. People who have hazel eyes are known to be courageous and brave, and they often take pleasure in trying new things.

● Grey. Grey eyes have been linked to people who are dominant, strong leaders. They are usually very wise and gentle.

● Green. Those who have natural green eyes are said to be intelligent and curious. They love to live life to the fullest.

● Blue. This iris color is the most desired in the entire world; many people obtain contacts that allow their eyes to appear blue. Those with this natural eye color are said to be peaceful, kind, and caring.

Things to Keep in Mind

The aforementioned findings are just the information that has been gathered in fairly small study groups. Usually, groups of 200-500 people are gathered and take a questionnaire to determine these results. They will not always be definitive, but it is an interesting subject that patients can use to have an interesting conversation with their Miami Beach eye doctor. The next time you go in for a visit, be sure to ask your eye doctor what they think about iris colors and how they determine a person’s behavioral traits.

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