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What it Means to Produce Tears

Tear production is an essential part of the overall function of the human eye. If someone’s eyes aren’t producing tears, then they are going to suffer from chronic dry eye. As a matter of fact, this condition is one of the main reasons that people make an appointment with their Miami eye doctor. Tears are supposed to be naturally released in small quantities to keep the eye lubricated at all times. While most people are aware of how essential their natural tear production is, many people are curious as to why they produce tears in the form of crying. Patients often ask their eye doctors in Miami why they cry in the first place, and the answer varies. Tears are just a natural response in most cases, but they can also be overly produced to protect the eyes.

Different Forms of Tears

Tears can be produced when people are sad because of an immediate situation. Tears can also be produced when people are happy, or when they are remembering something in the past. There are also times when someone will produce tears because their eyes are trying to naturally expel a foreign object. When asking a Miami optometrist about tears, it’s important to be aware of the explanation that’s to come.

● It is believed that crying is a way for the body to release stress hormones or toxins from the body.

● When crying for different reasons, the tear makeup will be different under a microscope. For example, tears of joy look much different than tears of sorrow.

● Most doctors agree that crying is a healthy way to relieve stress and built up emotions. Those who contain their emotions all the time are likely in a less healthy state of mind than someone who allows themselves to cry.

Let the Tears Flow Freely

In most cases, it’s good for someone to let their tears flow freely if they feel the need to cry. Crying has been scientifically proven to make someone feel better, even if for a brief moment in time. The natural release of emotions can be great for those under a lot of stress or who are upset. Other than emotional stimulus, there are times when people will produce tears simply because their eyes are trying to get out dust or debris. People who deal with this problem often may want to look into getting a pair of nonprescription eyeglasses in Miami Beach. Glasses have been known to keep foreign objects out and to stop the eye from producing tears for this reason.

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