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What is the Purpose of Eyelashes?

Many people ask their eye doctors in Miami what functional purpose their eyelashes serve. Most people know that their eyelashes continue to grow and shed over the years, but they don’t know what they are actually there for. However, the eyelashes play a crucial role in protecting the eyes. They are present to keep minor irritants out of the eyes, such as dust, debris, sand, or dirt. They are also there to let people know when they need to shut their eyes; if something comes in contact with the lashes too forcefully, the natural reaction is to close the eyelids right away. Also, there are many conditions related to the eyelashes that your Miami eye doctor can tell you about.

Conditions Related to Eyelash Problems

While most people never have to deal with any sort of health issue related to their eyelashes, other people suffer from issues that cause them a lot of pain and discomfort. Here are just some of the conditions that an eye doctor in Miami sees regarding a patient’s eyelashes:

● Blepharitis. This is a condition where the area of the eyelid that connects to the eyelashes becomes irritated, often resulting in eyelashes that fall out prematurely.

● Trichiasis. This is where someone develops an ingrown eyelash, very similar to an ingrown hair on another part of the body.

● Distichiasis. This is where a patient grows too many eyelashes on a certain portion of their eyelid.

● Trichotillomania. This is more of a psychological condition, but it’s where patients feel the urge to pull out their eyelashes and sometimes other hair on their body.

● Madarosis. This is simply the medical term for someone who is losing their eyelashes, but the cause may be from another condition.

Caring For Eyelashes Properly

It’s common for women to style their eyelashes and put certain makeup products on them to make their eyes appear more vibrant, which is normally okay. However, those who use too much product and it ends up getting in their eyes can develop serious vision problems over time. The chemicals present in eyelash products are not meant to get inside the eyes. Women who find that their vision is becoming diminished because of eyelash products need to make an appointment with their Miami optometrist as soon as possible. There are plenty of alternative and chemical-free makeup products that your eye doctor can recommend which will prevent this from becoming an issue. People who don’t put any makeup products on their eyelashes normally don’t need to do anything to care for them. 

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