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What is Red Eye?

One of the most common things people ask their eye doctors in Miami is why their eyes are red all the time. While some people only tend to get red eye a few times per year, other people experience it on a weekly or even daily basis. There are many things that can cause someone’s eyes to appear red, and most of them are simple things that can be removed from someone’s life without consequence. One of the most common things that an eye doctor in Miami sees in regards to constant redness is undiagnosed allergy problems. If someone doesn’t know they are allergic to something and keeps coming in contact with it, it may cause their eyes to become irritated and appear red.

What Causes Red Eye?

If the answer to this question isn’t very simple for you, then you’re likely going to need the help of a medical professional. A Miami optometrist will be able to go over your medical history and examine you to find out what’s causing your eyes to be red all the time. In most cases, it’s something simple.

● Allergies are one of the main reasons people suffer from red eyes. The sclera, or white part of the eye, will become red and inflamed if someone is having an allergic reaction. Even a minor allergy can cause red eyes.

● People who have problems such as chronic dry eye may also experience red eyes as well. If the eyes are irritated in any way, they will appear red in color.

● Constantly staring at a computer or a piece of paper can also cause someone’s eyes to become red. When people are focusing, they tend to blink less than they should be, which results in dry eyes that may get irritated.

Preventing Red Eyes From Affecting You

If you are prescribed a pair of eyeglasses in Miami Beach, then you need to be sure you’re wearing them at all times. People who have vision problems often experience red eyes because they try to go through life without wearing their glasses. However, glasses will correct vision problems and also keep wind/debris out of the eyes. The less foreign objects and wind that are able to get in someone’s eyes, the better off they will be. There’s no need to continue dealing with your overly red eyes when one visit to your optometrist is likely going to reveal what the problem is. If over-the- counter drops aren’t working anymore, then consult a medical professional.

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