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What is Heterochromia?

One of the most interesting conditions an eye doctor in Miami will see during their career is heterochromia. This is a condition that causes people to have two differently colored eyes. There are also different forms of heterochromia; the main one where a person has two completely different colored eyes, and sectoral heterochromia. Sectoral heterochromia is where a person has one (or both) eye that is partially a different color. Sectoral heterochromia is most commonly caused by an issue in development or an injury a person sustained, though, not because of genetics. The condition is an interesting one, but it’s not one that an eye doctor in Miami Beach will recommend treatment for.

What Can Cause Heterochromia?

This condition is not something that needs to be treated because it normally doesn’t have any negative repercussions for the person with it. However, many people, especially those with it, still ask their Miami Beach eye doctor what caused their condition in the first place.

● A genetic mutation during the conception to birth of a child. There are times when DNA can become damaged, even from two healthy parents, and result in heterochromia for a child.

● Physical trauma or a development issue in a child. If there’s a problem with the way a child’s eyes are developing, it can result in heterochromia. A blow to the head may also cause this, especially if it happened when a child’s eyes are rapidly developing.

Waardenburg syndrome can also cause heterochromia. This is a genetic condition that affects the pigmentation of a person, resulting in discoloration of skin, hair, eyes, etc.

Living With Heterochromia

Many people think that just because they have this condition, they are going to need a prescription for eyeglasses in Miami Beach or require some other type of treatment. This is not true, though, and most people with heterochromia, even sectoral heterochromia, go through their entire life without experiencing any problems from this condition. People who are seriously concerned about the appearance of their eyes may want to consider getting colored contacts. There are contact lenses that are specifically for making a person’s eyes appear a different color, and they can help someone who is self-conscious about their heterochromia.

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