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What Does it Mean to Have Watery Eyes

Some people speak with their eye doctor in Miami because they are having problems with excessively watery eyes. Watery eyes is something that most people experience at some point in their life, but there are cases of people dealing with watery eyes for days or even weeks. Those who are dealing with this condition likely want to know what is causing it, and there are a number of things that can make this happen. In most cases, watery eyes are something that can be resolved with simple treatments and may not even require consulting with eye doctors in Miami.

Causes of Watery Eyes

There are a few things that a Miami optometrist will tell their patient when they come in complaining about excessively watery eyes. While the cause of someone’s condition may be more complex than normal, there’s a good chance the issue is because of something simple. Here are some of the main reasons that people suffer from watery eyes:

● Allergies. Many people don’t develop allergies until their adult years, and they can cause problems that make people’s eyes more watery than normal.

● Infections. There are some minor bacterial infections people can experience which won’t cause much irritation, but will cause their eyes to be excessively watery.

● A blockage in the tear duct. Tears are supposed to drain from the eyes naturally and on a regular basis, but those with a blocked duct will not be able to drain their tears normally. This is a condition that may require a minor procedure or prescription medication.

● Debris / wind. When people are walking around, especially outside, wind can cause their eyes to dry out quicker than normal. Also, minor irritants like dust can cause someone’s eyes to produce more fluid than normal because the eyes are trying to push the foreign objects out.

Treating Excessively Watery Eyes

There are many ways this condition can be treated. In some cases, people only need to make sure they are wearing their eyeglasses in Miami Beach; preventing wind and debris from getting into the eyes is a simple way to stop excess tear production. However, those who are dealing with watery eyes because they have a blocked duct may need to start using prescription drops or have a minor procedure done. There are special tools eye doctors can use to open someone’s tear duct and remove the blockage. In most cases, though, treating watery eyes is a simple thing to do.

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