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What Can Cause Vision Impairment?

There is a large number of people who make an appointment with their eye doctor in Miami because they are having trouble seeing clearly. Some people are just near or farsighted, but other people experience vision impairment from other health conditions. There are a number of health conditions that aren’t related to the eyes which can cause someone to be unable to see clearly. Many times, an eye doctor in Miami Beach will examine a patient’s eyes and notice that they are fine and functioning normally, so they begin looking at other health issues the patient is having to figure out what’s causing issues with their sight.

Known Health Conditions That Cause Vision Impairment

Your Miami Beach eye doctor may be asking questions about what kind of medications you are on to figure out your other health issues. Sometimes a certain medication can cause vision impairment, but the reason you are taking the medication in the first place may also be the cause of your vision issues. Here are some health conditions that are known to cause vision impairment:

● Multiple Sclerosis. This disease has a strong link to vision problems, and eye doctors are often the first ones to catch this in their patients.

● Rheumatoid Arthritis. This condition can cause dryness of the eye, which can cause parts of it to become inflamed and result in vision impairment.

Thyroid Diseases. People with thyroid problems are more susceptible to developing glaucoma, which is an eye problem that can cause temporary or permanent vision loss.

Type 1 Diabetes. This condition is actually the leading cause of blindness in the USA, which is why your eye doctor is likely going to ask if you’re diabetic if you are suffering from vision impairment issues.

Dealing With Vision Impairment

If the cause of your vision impairment is simply because your cornea is misshapen, then you will only need to be prescribed eyeglasses in Miami Beach to deal with this problem. However, if your eye looks fine upon initial examination, then your eye doctor may look at other areas of your health to figure out what’s causing your vision impairment. It’s important to figure out what’s causing you to be unable to see clearly because most conditions that cause vision impairment are related to more serious health conditions. You may be able to treat the health issue that’s causing your vision impairment issues and deal with two issues at one time.

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