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What Causes Dry Eyes?

Dry eyes are a problem that eye doctors in Miami see on a regular basis. People can suffer from this condition for just a few days, but others have to deal with it for months, or even years at a time. Those who are suffering from chronic dry eye need to make sure they are being seen by their Miami eye doctor as soon as possible. This problem can lead to a number of negative health issues, of which discomfort and swelling are the least to worry about. The human eye remains properly lubricated for comfort reasons, but it’s also to help with fighting off infections and potentially harmful bacteria; tears are comprised of mucus, water, and fatty oils for this purpose.

The Most Common Causes of Dry Eye

Those who are suffering from dry eyes may wonder what they are caused by. While the exact reason for someone’s problem won’t be known until they make an appointment with a doctor in Miami Beach that can diagnose their issue, there are some common causes of this problem. In most cases, someone’s dry eye issue can be resolved quite easily. Here are the most common causes of dry eye:

● An inconsistency in tear composition that causes them to evaporate too quickly. There are some conditions that cause people to produce tears that don’t have the right balance of chemicals.

● A blockage in the tear duct. It’s possible to get foreign debris in the tear duct which will block it and prevent the normal amount of tears from reaching the surface of the eye. This condition can be easily resolved in most cases.

● Medications. There are some medications that people are supposed to take regularly which can cause their eyes to dry out. An optometrist will go over a patient’s prescription regimen and figure out if one of their medications can be replaced with something that will stop their chronic dry eye.

● Pollution in the air. If a patient lives in a city with a high level of pollution, they may suffer from dry eyes quite often. This can be resolved by using a highly lubricated eye drop on a regular basis.

Treating Chronic Dry Eye

The type of treatment a patient will need for their dry eye problem depends on exactly what’s causing it. If a patient has a blocked tear duct, it may simply need to be widened with a special tool that can open the passageway and clear out the duct. If the cause of dry eye is a lack of natural tear production, then prescription drops to stimulate tears can be provided. In most cases, an optometrist in Miami Beach can resolve their patient’s dry eye problem quite easily.

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