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What Are the Lacrimal Glands?

Eye doctors in Miami are often asked by their patients about different parts of the eye and what they do. One of the most common things that doctors are asked about is the lacrimal glands and what their exact function is. The lacrimal glands are responsible for producing tears that coat the eyeball, and they are located above each eye. They are also responsible for producing tears when someone gets into an emotional state and expresses themselves by crying. The tears produced by the lacrimal glands consist of chemicals that are meant to protect the eye from infection by foreign bacteria, and they are also supposed to protect the eyeballs against things like dust and debris by helping to flush them out. Your Miami Beach eye doctor will be able to show you where the glands are located exactly and also provide you with an image of what they look like.

The Responsibilities of the Lacrimal Glands

The lacrimal glands are essential to healthy eye function because without tears to protect the eyes, people would suffer from inflammation and infection on a regular basis. Here are some things that your Miami optometrist may tell you if you are inquiring about the lacrimal glands:

Can People Experience Problems with their Lacrimal Glands?

Because these glands are present in everybody’s eyes and are supposed to function on their own, many people wonder if problems with them can arise. In short, the answer is yes. An eye doctor in Miami will regularly see patients who are suffering from chronic dry eyes because their lacrimal glands are not producing enough tears naturally. In cases where patients are having this problem, a special eye drop can be prescribed that will help to stimulate natural tear production and potentially resolve someone’s dry eye problems. It’s crucial to ensure that the lacrimal glands are working properly because without proper eye lubrication, the eyes will become inflamed regularly and be much more susceptible to infections.

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