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What Are Eye Floaters? (And How To Treat Them)

Many people ask us about eye floaters. When we say floaters, we mean the specks people see when their eyes are either open or closed. They look like small black or grey specks, and they can also look like cobwebs or strings.

Most people notice that floaters seem to dart away when they actually focus on them. For the most part, these specks are nothing to worry about. They normally go away after some time and rarely become so bothersome that they will require any type of eye treatment.

Eye Floaters Explained

Most eye floaters have zero negative effect on people. However, If the specks seem to block out a portion of your vision, this is something to be concerned about. Here are three things to know about eye floaters:

1) Eye floaters are simply changes in the vitreous gel inside the eyeball that usually occurs with age. This is the center portion of the eye where light traverses before it lands on the retina.

2) Sometimes, microscopic fibers in the vitreous portion of the eye will begin to clump up, which can cast shadows on the retina and cause people to see floaters.

3) If a sudden increase of floaters happens, it’s best to be examined by an eye doctor. In most cases people notice them, but it’s not because they suddenly became apparent.

Treating Excessive Eye Floaters

If you are concerned about your eye floaters, there are some things that can be done. The first thing an optometrist might recommend is to adjust your vision up and down several times. This usually displaces the floaters and prevents them from becoming a problem in your field of vision.

If the floaters are so dense that this technique doesn’t help, then a vitrectomy may be considered. This is a procedure where the natural vitreous gel is removed and all of the debris that’s causing the floaters with it. It will be replaced with a salt solution, and it’s a fairly safe procedure.

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