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What Are Eye Cones?

You may have heard that your eyes contain rods and cones, but you may have no idea what this actually means. If you ask your doctor in Miami Beach to explain what the rods and cones really are, they are going to tell you that they are photoreceptor cells in your eyes which allow you to distinguish colors and light. The cones, however, are more responsible for helping people distinguish colors, whereas the rods help with light perception. The average person has about 6 million cone cells in their retina and around 90 million rod cells. Both the rod and cone cells are located in the retina, which is the part of the eye that is responsible for converting what people see into electrical impulses that the brain can understand as images. You can find out all sorts of interesting information if you ask your Miami eye doctor about the photoreceptor cells in your eyes.

Problems Related to Eye Cones

Practically every single part of the human body is susceptible to some type of health issue. If you ask your eye doctor in Miami what known health issues are related to the cones in the eye, you may hear about a few of these things:

Providing Your Eyes With Proper Care

If you are worried about the function of your rods and cones, then there is actually something you can do. Begin consuming vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial to eye health, such as lutein and zeaxanthin. Your Miami Beach eye doctor can tell you about more things you can consume on a daily basis to provide your eyes with what they need to work correctly. However, most people don’t have to eat a special diet or take specific supplements in order to maintain quality eye health. The only time the average person needs to be concerned about the rods and cones in their eyes is if they start to notice a gradual loss of color clarity as they get older.

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