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What Are Ciliary Muscles?

When people learn new information about their eyes, they often ask their Miami Beach eye doctor to explain more about these things in detail. One thing that many people are curious about is what the ciliary muscles are and what their function is inside the eye. The ciliary muscles are connected to the lens of the eye, and they are responsible for contracting and expanding in order to provide the ability to focus on objects both near and far. When you are looking at something up close and objects in the background are blurry, then switch to looking at the objects in the background, the ciliary muscle responds and changes your focus naturally. Eye doctors in Miami may also tell you about how the ciliary body is responsible for secreting aqueous humour fluid, which is found in the front of the eye and located inside of the eyeball.

Information About the Ciliary Body and Muscles

The ciliary muscles are responsible for many things inside of the eye. If you ask your Miami optometrist to explain the functions of the ciliary muscles, they may tell you some of these things:

What You Need to Know

In regards to the function of the eye, the ciliary muscle is very important it. Without it, you would not be able to accurately focus on objects to see them correctly. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to read a book or look at street signs while driving. If you believe that you may be having problems with your ciliary muscle, then you need to speak with your eye doctor in Miami to find out what can be done about your issues. Most people don’t have problems with this part of their eye, but there are instances where people have reported an inability to focus due to ciliary muscle issues. However, there are drugs and other options to help correct any problems with the ciliary body.

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