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Eye & Vision Problems in Aging Adults

Eye doctors in Miami often see patients who are starting to develop vision problems as they get older. This is actually quite common because the structures of the eye can change with age. If the vitreous gel inside the eyeball becomes thicker, it can pose vision problems. If someone develops macular degeneration, they can lose a portion of their eyesight. However, many optical conditions that are related to age can be prevented with the help of an eye doctor in Miami. There are several things that can be done to stop an issue from progressing.

Common Vision Problems Related To Age

People who haven’t cared for their eyes as well as they should have in their younger years will often develop some sort of vision problem as they get older. It’s important to be examined by a Miami optometrist at least once per year, but it’s also important to take their advice on how to preserve eye health. Here are some of the most common vision problems related to age:

● Age-related macular degeneration. This is a condition where the macula, a portion of the retina, becomes damaged. This portion of the retina allows people to see objects directly in front of them, so a blind spot in the center of their vision is a common symptom of it.

Cataracts. As people get older, they often develop a buildup on the natural lens of their eye. This can result in reduced vision or even total vision loss, but it can be treated with surgery.

● Presbyopia. This is a condition that’s similar to farsightedness, but it’s cause is different. It’s caused by a change in the shape of a patient’s cornea, but it can be corrected by being prescribed eyeglasses in Miami Beach.

● Decreased sensitivity to color. Cells in the retina that comprehend light and color often become less sensitive over the years, which results in a reduction of color comprehension.

How to Deal With Age-Related Vision Problems

Those who are currently young need to be sure they are eating the right foods that contain the proper nutrients and vitamins for eye health. They should also be doing ocular exercises to keep their eye muscles in good health. Also, getting regular eye exams is going to help someone figure out what’s wrong with their vision before it becomes too serious. There are many conditions that can be treated if they are caught early enough, and the damage it would have done can be prevented. People who are already dealing with age-related vision problems need to be sure they are doing everything their optometrist says so they have the best chance of preserving their vision for as long as possible.

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