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Vision Impairments in Newborns

A doctor in Miami Beach unfortunately sees vision problems in infants quite frequently. Babies are susceptible to more vision problems than adults because they don’t have an immune system that’s fully developed. While there are some rare vision conditions that can affect children, most of them are quite common and easily treated. It’s important for a parent to be aware of what they need to lookout for so they can catch any vision issues their child may be experiencing and get them treated right away. The sooner a Miami eye doctor can begin treating a child’s vision problem, the higher chance the baby will have of developing normal sight later in life.

Common Vision Problems Infants Experience

If a child’s vision problem is not addressed right away, it can become much worse over time. Some vision problems, such as cataracts, can get progressively worse as time passes and eventually cause partial or complete blindness in a newborn. There are many things an eye doctor in Miami can do to treat infant vision problems, though.

● Cataracts are more common in older people, but it’s not unheard of for an infant to develop them as well. A parent needs to be on the lookout for a cloudiness that covers a child’s pupils– this is a strong indicator that a cataract is developing. Treatment involves a simple surgical procedure that replaces the natural lens with an artificial one.

Amblyopia, also known as lazy eye. This is a condition where visual acuity is better in one eye than the other, and it’s detectable by a physical deformity of one eye. Treatment can involve surgery, but it may also involve simple things like patching or medicine.

● Conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye. This is an infection caused by either bacterial or viral influences, and it is treated with simple antibiotic medications. It can lead to optical damage if not caught and treated right away, but it’s easily distinguishable by a pinkish hue of the infected eye.

Dealing With Infant Vision Impairments

Dealing with a vision problem in an infant is usually not so difficult for an eye doctor to resolve. There are plenty of treatments available for the common conditions that affect babies. If a child has myopia or hyperopia, then they can be prescribed eyeglasses by their Miami Beach eye doctor to resolve this issue. If they are dealing with an optical infection, special medication can be prescribed to get rid of the condition before it becomes too severe. There are also plenty of treatment options for things like lazy eye as well. Be sure to take your newborn to be examined by an eye doctor within the first few months of their life just to ensure they are not dealing with an unseen vision issue that may become a problem later on.

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