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Vision Impairment in the Elderly

Most people know that they are going to be susceptible to vision problems when they get older. Some of the most common patients a Miami eye doctor will see are elderly people who are starting to lose their quality of sight. Nobody wants to lose their vision at any point in their life, but it happens to an unfortunate number of elderly people. There are also many reasons an older person can lose their vision, but the good news is that the majority of them are preventable or treatable. By taking the right precautionary measures or being treated by an eye doctor in Miami Beach as quickly as possible, an elderly person can retain good vision for much longer than someone who does nothing for their eyes.

Vision Problems That Affect Elderly People

There are several reasons an older person may lose their vision. Some of them are rare, but some are quite common. Here are the most common reasons a Miami Beach eye doctor sees an elderly patient losing their vision:

● Presbyopia. This is a condition that develop in older people as their eye’s natural lens becomes less elastic. It is very similar to being farsighted, but it usually develops in people over 40. It can be treated with a pair of eyeglasses in Miami Beach, just like other vision issues.

● Cataracts. While people can develop cataracts at any age, it’s much more common for elderly people to get them. It is identified by a cloudiness over someone’s pupil that is impairing their vision. It can be treated with a simple surgery that removes the cloudy lens.

Glaucoma. This is less of a common issue than the aforementioned two, but it does affect more older people than younger ones. It is characterized by a buildup of pressure in the eyes, which can cause damage to the optic nerves. It can be treated before this happens, though.

How to Prevent Vision Problems Related to Age

Some conditions people experience in their older years are unavoidable, but most of them can be prevented or held back with the right precautionary measures. In order to ensure your eyes are as healthy as possible, you need to be consuming the right vitamins and nutrients. Either changing your diet or starting a supplement regimen will be sufficient. You should also be doing optical exercises that will help you retain your ability to focus and move your eyes. Ask your eye doctor about anything you can do to prevent the development of vision problems in your elderly years and you will learn all you need to know.