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Vision at Work

To enlighten corporations and their workers about the necessity of vision health, and to spread advice on how to prevent vision-endangering eye incidents, Prevent Blindness America (PBA) has designated the month of March as Workplace Vision Wellness Month.

Every day, workers suffer from workplace related eye injuries that demand medical attention. Workplace safety and doctors say that the two most common reasons that people experience eye injuries is because they fail to wear anything to protect their eyes or they are taking the wrong sorts of safety precautions.

High risk occupations for eye injuries include building, manufacturing, mining, woodwork, auto repair, electrical work, plumbing, welding and maintenance.

Making Work a Safe Site

Here are four important tips to avoid eye accidents at work:

  • Learn the eye safety dangers found at your workplace.
  • Reduce the possibility of danger before starting work by requesting machine guards, screens or other safety devices.
  • Use protective glasses that fit properly and give enough protection for your job. Your eye doctor will be able to assist in determining the most suitable protective eyewear for your circumstances.
  • Keep your protective eyewear in good condition.

Computer Monitors and Healthy Vision

Those who spend a large portion of their day working on computers or using mobile devices are also at risk of vision problems.

Below are a few suggestions to prevent eye strain and visual discomfort when using hand held devices or working on a computer:

Implement the 20-20-20 rule which will allow your eyes periodic rest. At every 20 minute interval look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. If using a mobile device, enlarge the text so you can use it at a distance more comfortable for your eyes.

In addition adjust the brightness of your monitor to a comfortable resolution and place your screen right under eye level to reduce any pressure on your eyes. You may also want to speak to your eye doctor about computer glasses.

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