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Treating Lazy Eye in Children

Lazy eye is a condition that affects many people, some 2-3 out of every 100 children born. It’s no wonder that eye doctors in Miami see this condition quite often. However, most people with this condition are children between the ages of 6-12. During this time, their visual system is developing rapidly and conditions like lazy eye will become apparent. This can be a good thing, though, because the best time to treat lazy eye is when someone is under the age of 17. There are many things a Miami optometrist will be able to do to treat children who are starting to display lazy eye, and most of them are quite simple and harmless. In fact, surgery to fix lazy eye is drastic and rare, though it does happen.

Lazy Eye Treatments Available For Children

Some of the most common treatments for children are going to be simple and won’t require much effort on a parent’s part. They will simply need to listen to their Miami eye doctor and do what they are told to do.

● Patching treatments can drastically help children. This is where one eye is patched for extended periods of time, which helps the eye to not remain as crossed.

● One of the most effective treatments for children is to simply wear eyeglasses in Miami Beach. Often times, children are turning and straining their eyes because they have a visual impairment issue like near or farsightedness. A pair of glasses should be able to stop the progression of lazy eye.

● Children who are able to see clearly will likely not develop lazy eye at any point. This is a condition that people develop, they are not born with it. It’s usually caused by there being a blockage in someone’s visual path, whether from a cataract or something else.

Keeping an Eye Out For Lazy Eye in Children

When it comes to preventing and treating lazy eye in children, the best thing a parent can do is listen to their young ones. Children may not be the most effective at communicating with adults, but they are able to let people know when they are having problems. Also, many children might be having problems and not even know it. This is why a parent needs to be extremely observant and run all of the tests they can with their kids. By doing simple visual activities, parents can figure out if their child’s sight is in good condition or if they need to visit an eye doctor and have a problem addressed. Many parents even make visual tests into fun games they can play with their kids just to be sure they remain sharp at all times and no problems are becoming apparent.

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