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How to Treat Your Contact Lens

Many people opt for contact lenses instead of glasses because they don’t want to keep track of an extra item during the day. Glasses can also become scratched or damaged, and many people with poor eyesight don’t want to risk having to deal with this. This is why a lot of patients tell their Miami eye doctor that they want to wear contacts instead. However, contacts need to be treated properly or they can become damaged or worn out faster than they should be. There are many different types of contact lenses available, but all of them are going to require a certain level of care. Your eye doctor in Miami Beach will be able to explain the details of caring for your particular type of lenses, but you should still know about general contact lens care.

Caring for Your Contact Lenses Appropriately

It’s important to know how to clean, carry, and care for your contact lenses so you don’t damage them and have to buy new pairs more often than what’s necessary. There are certain ways to clean your contacts and things you need to keep in mind when storing them overnight/for future use.

● Never clean your contact lenses with anything but contact solution. This fluid can be bought at any store that sells health products, and it’s specifically designed for cleaning and storing contact lenses. You can rub the lens in the palm of your hand while it’s submerged in a pool of solution, but never use tap water.

● Store them in a fresh container that has a brand new pool of contact solution in it. Each time you remove your contacts from their container, pour out the remaining solution and use fresh fluid the next time you put them back in. This prevents bacteria that may have been transferred from your eyes to the container from growing and being put back onto your eyes.

● Follow the directions exactly. Some contacts can be worn overnight, but others can’t. Some contacts are meant to be thrown out every single day, and others are meant to be worn for months at a time. To ensure your eyes are always healthy and safe, follow the directions for your particular type of contacts exactly.

Talk About Any Concerns You May Have

Your Miami optometrist will be able to explain more about what you need to know regarding your contacts. It’s important to listen to them because they have examined your eyes and know what type of contacts you are being prescribed. You should never take general information from the internet because it could be about someone who has a completely different prescription than yours. If you aren’t sure of how long you can wear your contacts or what type you have, then get in touch with the eye doctor in Miami Beach that wrote you the prescription.

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