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The Truth About Eyelashes

There are many parts of the eye that allow it to function as well as it does. One part of the eye that many people ask their eye doctor in Miami Beach about is the lashes that protrude from both lids. They are present on both eyelids, but they actually cause problems for some people. However, they are naturally present because they are supposed to help protect the eyes from debris and foreign objects. The lashes are meant to keep things out of the eyes like dust particles and sand. While this is the main function of the eyelashes, they do have some others as well. An eye doctor in Miami will be able to elaborate on what your lashes do and how to care for them correctly.

How the Eyelashes Function

To some people, the eyelashes are something that is meant to be styled and enhance their appearance with. It’s common for women to style them a certain way in order to bring out the hidden beauty in their eyes. A Miami Beach eye doctor commonly sees people who are having problems with their lashes, though.

● The eyelashes are meant to keep small objects out of the eyes. They are supposed to block anything from being able to touch the surface of the eyeball and cause damage.

● The lashes are also present to help people react quickly to foreign objects. If something touches the lashes when someone is not prepared for it, they will naturally close their eyes quickly.

● Eyelashes are also present to keep objects away from someone’s eyes as they are sleeping. When the eyes are closed, the lashes will overlap and create a small barrier that protects the eyes.

Caring For the Eyelashes

For most people, caring for the eyelashes is very simple. Any that seem to be causing problems can simply be plucked and they will grow back quickly. However, plucking them is almost always unnecessary because they will fall out on their own. For women who put products in their lashes, it’s important to be sure that all of it is washed out before going to bed. Leaving products in the eyelashes can cause them to get into the eye, which can be hazardous. Those who have concerns about their eyelashes can speak with their optometrist in Miami Beach about their worries.

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