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The Purpose of Eyelids

A common question that patients ask eye doctors in Miami is what their eyelids are specifically for. Everybody knows that their eyelids are shut while they are sleeping and that this is a natural reflex in order to keep them protected at night. However, many people don’t know that the eyelids actually have other functions as well. Those who are curious about their eyelids and what their exact purpose is need to be sure they speak with their eye doctor in Miami Beach about their concerns. Those who ask their doctor these type of questions usually find out more information than they anticipated, and much of that information is things that the majority of people don’t know.

What the Eyelids Do

A Miami eye doctor will elaborate on how the eyelids protect the eyeballs to those who want to learn more about this, and they will also explain the other functions of the eyelids as well.

● The eyelids are present to protect the eyes from getting foreign objects in them. Blinking is a natural response to dust and debris, which helps to dislodge anything that has gotten into the eye.

● The eyelids are also present to help people keep their eyes moisturized. The tears that get wiped over the eyeballs in order to keep them lubricated are spread by the eyelids when people blink.

● Eyelids are also going to help people from getting infections. The tears that are spread over the eyes are full of antibodies that are going to prevent eye infections. Without the eyelids, these antibodies would not be able to coat the eyeball.

Caring For Your Eyelids

Caring for your eyelids is usually something that you won’t have to consciously think about. They are in place and most of their maintenance is done without consciously thinking about it. Eyelashes naturally shed and regrow over time, so it’s not absolutely necessary to pay them any extra attention. However, some people need to pluck their lashes if they start getting into their eyes. The eyelids are supposed to protect the eyes from foreign objects, but sometimes they cause lashes to get inside the eyes. Those who have problems with objects getting into their eyes need to be sure they are wearing their eyeglasses in Miami Beach if they are prescribed them. Eyeglasses also help to keep foreign objects and wind out of the eyes.

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