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The Purpose of Contacts

Refractive errors are probably the most common optical health issue that people are susceptible to across the entire world. If the cornea of a person’s eye did not develop absolutely perfect, then they will not be able to see images clearly. Your Miami Beach eye doctor will tell you how the cornea is responsible for refracting light properly onto the retina if you ask them more about this process. If someone’s cornea is not doing its job correctly, then that person is going to need either glasses or contacts to correct their visual problem. Both contacts and glasses help to refract light properly onto a person’s retina so they can see images clearly. If the light is landing a little before or after the retina, a person will be considered either near or farsighted. This is why every person with a refractive error has to get a prescription from their Miami optometrist. There are even some people who have to get different prescriptions in each eye as their corneas are both shaped completely different.

How Contacts Help People See

Eye doctors in Miami will be more than happy to explain how contacts work to their patients. If you ask them about contacts and how they work, then you are likely going to hear some of these things:

Getting a Pair of Contacts For Yourself

If you are thinking about getting a pair of contacts, then you will need to be seen by your eye doctor in Miami to get a new prescription. The prescription used for glasses is different than the one used for contacts. You will need to see your eye doctor, undergo a small questionnaire, and then be put through a few examinations. These examinations are going to determine things like the shape of your cornea and how well you can currently see. All of this information is going to help your eye doctor write the prescription for your contacts and figure out which kind is going to be best for you based on your lifestyle and personal preference.

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