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The Pros & Cons of Lasik

One of the main things people want to talk to their Miami eye doctor about is Lasik surgery. Lasik is a form of laser eye surgery that people are using to correct their vision problems. People who are near or farsighted can undergo Lasik and never have to worry about wearing contacts or glasses again. This is why it interests so many people; never having to get another pair of eyeglasses in Miami Beach will save a lot of money for those who regularly need a new prescription. However, there are some things that people need to keep in mind before they go ahead with the surgery.

Important Aspects of Lasik Surgery

There are some things people need to keep in mind before they go ahead and schedule a day for the surgery to happen. Eye doctors in Miami will be able to speak with their patients about their concerns, and also let them know if they are eligible for the operation in the first place.

● Pro: Many people report that their vision is even better than when they used contacts or glasses.

● Pro: The procedure is short, safe, and requires little recovery time.

● Pro: The procedure is entirely painless.

● Con: People with extreme cases of astigmatism will not be eligible for the operation.

● Con: Older people with presbyopia will need a different form of the operation, known as monovision.

Is Lasik Worth it Overall?

After hearing about the positive and negative aspects of Lasik, many people wonder if it’s right for them overall. People who have been okayed for the surgery by their eye doctor in Miami should go ahead and schedule the operation. The positive benefits of the operation far outweigh the negative ones, and it’s usually an inexpensive procedure to have. In fact, many people have insurance companies that will cover the operation’s cost for them. People who are worried about infections from their contacts, lose their glasses, or are otherwise unhappy with their sight should think about having the operation done. Reading testimonials from people who have had the operation done in the past can help those who are thinking about it make their final decision.

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