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The Life of an Eyelash

People often wonder things about their eyes, like how long it takes for an eyelash to grow and how many do people shed per day? Those who are curious about these things sometimes make it a point to ask their Miami Beach eye doctor for further explanation whenever they come in for a visit. People can actually learn a lot of useful information by simply remembering to ask their eye doctors in Miami the things they were curious about when they visit them. When it comes to your eyelashes, there are many interesting facts about them that you may not know. How long they last, how quickly they grow, and what exactly they do are all pieces of information that most people are unaware of.

All About Eyelashes

If you are curious about your eyelashes, it might be because you notice they are falling out or that they start growing fairly quick. Here are some bits of information you may learn if you ask your Miami optometrist to tell you more about your eyelashes:

Is Eyelash Shedding Normal?

When people hear that they are losing eyelashes so frequently, some people become worried. However, eyelash shedding is a natural thing and you can confirm this with your eye doctor in Miami. People are supposed to grow new eyelashes and shed the older ones as they lose their ability to effectively protect the eyes from dust and debris. If you feel like you may be losing more eyelashes than a normal person, then it’s time to get examined by your eye doctor. Not having enough eyelashes surrounding your eyes is dangerous because you leave them open to damage from foreign objects. Those with too few eyelashes are also likely going to deal with dry and inflamed eyes as well. There are things your eye doctor can do to help you if you are having any problems with your eyelashes, though.

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