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The Importance of Eye Exams

Many people neglect to make an appointment with their eye doctor in Miami because they feel that their vision is good enough. However, this is not a healthy practice to get in the habit of. People should be getting examined by a Miami eye doctor at least once per year, or more if the doctor recommends it. This is to ensure that a patient’s eyes are in good health and no problems are going to arise in the future. With most optical issues, problems can be detected early enough to stop them from affecting a patient’s vision negatively. Those who choose to ignore their annual eye exams, though, may experience a harder time correcting their visual problems because they allowed them to go on for too long.

Being Examined During a Regular Checkup

During a regular eye exam, eye doctors in Miami are going to look for a number of things. They are going to look at the inside of a patient’s eyes to see if everything looks as it should, and they are also going to perform vision tests to be sure a patient is able to see normally. They will also speak with the patient about prior optical issues to figure out what they are dealing with. This is why patients need to be examined on a regular basis:

● To detect issues that can arise over time. In some patients, things like retinal cancer can start to develop and won’t cause any symptoms for a long time. However, the cancerous tissue can be recognized by an eye doctor immediately and treatments can be prescribed.

● To observe someone’s visual acuity over the years. In some patients, especially older ones, their vision can deteriorate with age. An eye doctor can catch this problem, though, and do everything they can to prevent the decline of their vision.

● To ensure overall ocular health. Some people deal with itchy or dry eyes on a regular basis, which may not seem like a big deal to some. However, these issues can become troublesome in the future if they are not dealt with right away; speaking to a Miami optometrist about these things can give a patient the opportunity to correct their issues before they get out of control.

Listen to What the Doctor Says

After being examined by an eye doctor, it’s critical that you take their advice. If they tell you that you need to start using lubricating drops from the drug store, then it would be wise to do so. They are telling you these things to prevent your issue from getting out of hand. If you can treat your issues with something as simple as an over-the- counter medication, then you should be very thankful. If you don’t, though, your issue could require some intense treatments or prescriptions in the future.

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