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Tear Production in Children

Many parents are concerned about their children’s eye health and development during their early years. This is why an eye doctor in Miami Beach often sees children who are under the age of 10. During the early years of life, a child’s eyes and vision are developing rapidly, so it’s good to have them observed during this period of their life. One of the most concerning things for a parent and a Miami eye doctor is a child’s tear production. A child needs to be producing the right amount of tears in order to retain healthy eyes and vision throughout life. If a child is experiencing chronic dry eye, then they can be treated at an early age so this problem doesn’t continue affecting them into their adult years.

Reasons a Child May Have Tear Production Problems

There are many reasons children can have little to no tear production. Here are the main reasons a doctor in Miami Beach sees a child with irregular tear production:

● Improper tear composition. If a child has tears that aren’t composed of the right chemicals, then they may evaporate too quickly. This is usually a problem with a child’s medications or the food they are eating.

● A blocked tear duct. A blocked tear duct is a problem that many children experience, but it’s related to excess pressure and watery eyes as opposed to insufficient tears. A tear duct can be opened with a special tool to allow proper fluid drainage.

● An improperly functioning lacrimal gland. The lacrimal gland is what’s supposed to produce tears, but some children experience dry eyes because their gland isn’t working correctly. This can usually be corrected with special eye drops that stimulate the gland.

Identifying Tear Problems in a Child

Parents who are concerned about their children’s eye health need to keep an eye on them each day. If their eyes are constantly red or they are always rubbing them, it’s a sign that they have some sort of problems with their tear production. A Miami optometrist will be able to explain more about what a parent needs to be looking for to ensure their children’s eyes are producing the right amount of tears. Don’t let a tear production problem go unaddressed in your children as it can lead to more serious problems later on.

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