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How Sunglasses Are Protecting Your Eyes

People love to wear sunglasses because they are a great fashion accessory and can add flair to any outfit. However, a Miami eye doctor is going to recommend wearing sunglasses for a much different reason. In addition to making people look cool and fashionable, sunglasses protect the eyes from harmful UV rays from the sun. Many people aren’t aware of what the sun does to their eyes, but it can cause some serious problems for people who never wear sunglasses. The next time you visit your Miami Beach eye doctor and they recommend you should go out and get a pair of sunglasses, you need to take their advice for health reasons; it’s not just because they want you to look stylish.

What Sunglasses Do For Your eyes

For most people who live in Miami, wearing sunglasses is an absolute must. The sun is bright and it beats down all year long, so they are a must-have for most residents of the city. However, some people still go out and about without wearing sunglasses. These people are going to be told a number of things by their eye doctor in Miami Beach:

● Wearing sunglasses prevents the development of cataracts. About 20% of people who develop cataracts are from overexposure to UV rays from the sun.

● They also prevent macular degeneration by preventing UV rays from being able to damage the retina. You will notice that you are able to truly relax your eyes with a pair of sunglasses on, and this is because your retina isn’t being strained so badly.

● Sunglasses prevent pterygium. This is a growth of tissue that occurs on the white part of the eyeball, which can result in an overcurvature of the eye. It will eventually cause vision problems like astigmatism.

● Wearing sunglasses will also prevent from squinting and putting too much strain on the eyes in general. If you notice that your eyes become watery or overly strained in the sunlight, especially if you have blue eyes, then you need to be wearing sunglasses to prevent general damage.

Preserving Your Optical Health

For people with generally good vision, retaining their eyesight is very important. Even if someone doesn’t like to wear sunglasses, they can still find alternative means of protecting their eyes. For example, someone who is prescribed eyeglasses in Miami Beach can look for a pair with lenses that automatically tint in the sunlight. There are even clip-ons that go over regular lenses which will help to block out the harmful UV rays from the sun. The next time you are planning on going out to the beach or even to walk your dog, be sure that your eyes are protected at all times.

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