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Eye Sunburn [Symptoms, Prevention, & Treatments]

Summer will be here before you know it, which means fun in the sun in Miami Beach! However, it’s important to highlight eye safety. Everybody knows they can get a sunburn on their skin, but many aren’t aware that their eyes can also get sunburned.

What Are The Symptoms Of Sunburned Eyes?

Many people, especially those with lighter-colored eyes, are sensitive to light already and don’t know what it feels like to have sunburned eyes. Here are the main symptoms of this condition, which is also known as photokeratitis:

1) Extreme sensitivity to light. If an average lighting situation can cause discomfort, it’s an indicator that the person has sustained a sunburn on their eyes.

2) Eye swelling and pain. They will also be more watery than normal.

3) Infection (If the pain hasn’t gone down in a few days).

How To Treat Sunburned Eyes

The most common thing that happens after sunburn is an eye infection. If your eyes get sunburned, see your eye doctor as soon as possible to get a prescription for antibiotics.

How to Prevent Sunburned Eyes

Like skin, eyes get sunburned from direct exposure to harmful UV rays. To keep your eyes safe, the biggest thing is to wear a wide-brimmed hat or sunglasses while you’re out in the sun.

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