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How a Serious Head Injury Can Cause Eye Problems

Many people end up having to speak with their Miami Beach eye doctor because they have sustained a serious injury to their head. When someone gets injured in a sports or vehicle accident, they can sometimes develop vision problems that will affect their quality of life. These problems can be treated in some cases, and completely resolved in others. Depending on which portion of the eye that was damaged, a complete recovery may be expected. In order to determine what type of injury a person has and how they can expect it to affect their vision in the long term, they need to be examined by a doctor in Miami Beach.

Types of Vision Problems Caused by Physical Injuries

There are some problems that people have after an accident that can last a lifetime, but most of them are not so severe as to cause complete blindness. Here are some of the most common vision problems that an optometrist in Miami Beach sees in patients who recently sustained an injury to the head.

● Double vision.

● Aching eyes.

● Sensitivity to light.

● Blurry vision.

● Visual field loss.

● Difficulties moving the eyes around.

Treating a Vision Problem Caused by Injury

When it comes to treating a vision problem that was caused by a physical injury, there aren’t too many things that an eye doctor in Miami is able to do. They can observe someone’s healing process and ensure that it’s going as well as possible, but interference may cause more problems. The muscles should fix themselves over time, and any other type of injury should heal as well. However, if an inner part of someone’s eye has become damaged, such as the cornea or lens, it may need to be surgically replaced. There are procedures doctors can perform to replace certain portions of a patient’s eye. People who are worried about how their vision is going to be affected after an accident need to be sure they are doing everything their eye doctor says and seeing them as often as they recommend. Not following the doctor’s orders properly can cause a person with a visual problem caused by an injury to become even worse as time passes.

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