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Reducing the Risk of Eye Infection

Eye infections are one of the most uncomfortable health problems that people are susceptible to. Unfortunately, eye doctors in Miami see people with optic infections on a regular basis. Dealing with an infection in the eye is usually quite simple; in most cases, a patient will only need to be prescribed antibiotics in either pill or eye drop form. Identifying the infection and prescribing the appropriate medicine is something your Miami eye doctor will be able to do quite easily. However, instead of dealing with these problems whenever they arise, it’s best to learn about what you can do to prevent from getting eye infections in the first place.

Preventing Eye Infections

Most things that people can do to prevent an eye infection are quite simple. Here are some of the main things that your eye doctor in Miami Beach will tell you to do if you’re concerned about lowering the frequency in which you get eye infections:

● Never touch your eyes if you have not thoroughly washed your hands. People touch so many different surfaces on a daily basis, and many of them contain harmful bacteria. Touching something and then your eye is the most common way people get eye infections.

● If you wear contact lenses, be sure you’re following the directions exactly. Many people develop eye infections because they don’t store their contacts properly or wear them for too long. If this is the problem you continue having, then you may want to consider getting a pair of eyeglasses in Miami Beach.

● Carry a bottle of hand sanitizer with you, and be sure to wear protective eyewear when doing anything hazardous. Foreign objects getting into the eye can also cause a wound that will leave the eye open to infection. Sanitizing your hands on a regular basis will kill harmful bacteria, but be sure not to touch your eye with the alcohol still on your hands.

Dealing With Eye Infections

In most cases, you will notice that you have an eye infection within the first 24 hours of being exposed to the bacteria or virus that is causing it. The eyes are known for healing quickly, but they are also quickly affected if something negative happens to them as well. The most common eye symptoms are an eye that appears pink or red in color, constant itching, and discomfort when moving the eye. Eye infections are usually so apparent that it’s impossible not to notice them. If you suspect that you have or are developing an eye infection, then be sure to see your eye doctor as soon as you can or the infection may get worse.

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