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Retina – Opening Up Your Eyes

Arguably the most important part of the human eye is the retina. The retina is what accepts light and turns it into electrical signals that get sent to the brain along the optic nerves. So many people ask their Miami Beach eye doctor about this part of their eye because they are curious as to how it functions. There are many interesting facts regarding the retina, and there are also many conditions that people can suffer from which can affect their retina. If someone’s retina is not properly accepting light or has something blocking it, they will have obscured patches of vision or blind spots. However, most problems with the retina can be diagnosed by your eye doctor in Miami Beach and resolved one way or another.

Possible Retinal Problems People Experience

There are a number of issues that people can suffer from when it comes to their retina. Some are more commonly seen by an eye doctor in Miami, but there are others which are pretty rare. Here are some retinal issues that people experience:

● A retinal detachment. This is where the retina becomes detached from the back portion of the eye. It can be replaced with surgery, but a retinal detachment can lead to total blindness if not corrected.

● A blockage of the retina. When objects get into the vitreous humour and block the light that’s supposed to land on the retina, people may see distorted or unclear images. However, the objects can be removed from the vitreous humour and vision can be completely restored.

● Damage to the retina is the most common reason people suffer from partial or complete blindness. However, regular eye exams can expose these issues and treatments can be provided before someone loses their sight.

Treatments for Those Who Have Retinal Problems

Depending on what type of issue someone is having with their retina, surgery may be the correct route to fix the problems. In the case of a retinal detachment, there are several operations which can replace it into its correct position. Your Miami optometrist will be able to determine how misplaced your retina is and what type of operation is going to be necessary. If the retina itself is damaged, however, there may not be much that can be done to restore your eyesight. A retinal blockage can also be corrected by removing the object that’s causing the obstruction from the vitreous humour.

photo credit: Nicola Colella face and mask via photopin (license)