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Quality of Tears

One thing that many people don’t think about is the quality of their natural tears. It’s quite common for an eye doctor in Miami to see people who are suffering from chronic dry eye because they have tears that are not produced correctly. If the chemicals present in someone’s tears are not comprised of the right substances, then they can evaporate quickly and cause dry eye. In fact, low quality tears are one of the leading causes of chronic dry eye syndrome. However, people who are suffering from this condition can often be treated by their eye doctor in Miami Beach quite easily. Depending on the source of someone’s tear problem, treating their issue may be as simple as changing one of their medications to an alternative that won’t cause this problem.

What Can Affect Tear Quality?

There are many things that can cause someone to start producing low quality tears. One of the most common reasons a Miami Beach eye doctor sees a patient with poor tear quality is because they were recently put on a new medication that’s affecting their body chemistry.

● Medications that affect the chemical composition of a person’s tears. Those who are on a new medicine may not notice how it’s affecting their body right away, but dry eyes can be a strong indicator of a hormonal imbalance.

● A new diet that a patient is trying. There are chemicals in food that can affect a person’s tear composition. Altering the diet to include or exclude a certain food may solve a patient’s dry eye problem.

● Problems within the eye. If someone has a lacrimal gland that isn’t producing tears the right way, it can result in tear composition issues.

Treating a Low Tear Quality Issue

Those who have an issue with the quality of their natural tears need to be sure they go over every aspect of their life with their optometrist in Miami Beach. By explaining all of the medications you are on and any new diets that you’re trying, a doctor will be able to identify what’s causing your issue and what you can do to stop it from being a problem in the future. There are some cases where a patient may need to be on prescription eye drops to correct their tear quality, but this is usually a temporary solution while the underlying issue is being addressed.

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