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Pros & Cons of Lasik For Older Women

Many older women will make appointments with their eye doctors in Miami because they are thinking about getting Lasik eye surgery. Lasik is a fairly new type of laser eye surgery that can help people correct their vision problems and never have to wear contacts or glasses again. However, there are negative aspects for some older women who are thinking about getting this procedure done. Older people need to consider the negative aspects of getting Lasik before they book an appointment with an ophthalmologist. They can also speak about the potential outcomes and risks with their eye doctor in Miami.

What Older Women Need To Consider About Lasik

When it comes to scheduling this procedure, there are some things that need to be taken into consideration first. Before talking with the surgeon, an elderly person would be wise to speak about the operation extensively with their Miami eye doctor.

● Pro: The procedure is safe and doesn’t take long to perform.

● Pro: There’s no pain and a short recovery time.

● Con: Older people may experience more dryness than younger people.

● Con: Older people aren’t going to experience the savings that younger people will. Most people get this procedure to prevent from spending money on contacts and glasses, but older people won’t experience as much savings as younger people.

● Con: Those who have developed presbyopia will need to have a different type of Lasik surgery known as monovision.

Is Lasik Worth it For Older Women?

Overall, the biggest question older women will have about this procedure is if it’s worth it. The answer truly depends on the patient and their quality of life. They can discuss everything with their Miami optometrist, but the final decision is up to the patient entirely. Some older women simply get tired of dealing with contacts or losing their glasses, so they will opt to have the surgery regardless of the fact that younger people are going to save a lot more money than them. Older people will still experience the same vision correction that younger people will, though, which is a positive aspect of the surgery in general.

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