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Pregnancy & Vision

Many women will make an appointment with their Miami eye doctor because they are concerned about how their pregnancy is going to affect their vision. This is a valid concern as well because most women know about back pain and morning sickness, but not about how their vision may be affected. Eye doctors in Miami can prepare their pregnant patients to deal with all sorts of issues if they are willing to learn about the things they need to know. In most cases, the vision problems a pregnant woman will experience are minor and temporary. After the child is born and her hormone levels go back to normal, the vision problems should stop.

Potential Vision Problems During Pregnancy

There are a number of things that can happen to a pregnant woman’s sight. Fluid retention can cause the curvature of the cornea to become affected, which may result in poor sight or malfunctioning glasses/contacts. This is why doctors say that this is not a good time to be examined for eyeglasses in Miami Beach; a pregnant woman’s sight is likely going to change after she gives birth.

● Blurred vision. This can happen because of the retained fluid causing problems in the cornea. Most women aren’t severely affected by this, but those who are may need to get a temporary prescription until they are done breastfeeding.

Dry eyes. Many women have reported having dry eyes during pregnancy, which is likely caused by the changes in hormones within their bodies. It can be combatted with basic over-the- counter eye drops.

Preeclampsia. This is a condition that’s not so common, and is often seen in women who are pregnant and also have high blood pressure. It can cause damage to other vital organs, and the only cure is to deliver the baby. It’s often characterized by vision issues.

Dealing With Vision Problems During Pregnancy

For most women, they only need to deal with their vision issues temporarily. It can be cumbersome to deal with them while pregnant and breastfeeding, but the vision problems are likely going to go away. If it has been six months after a woman gives birth and she is still having vision problems, then she needs to speak with an eye doctor in Miami Beach about what can be done for her. However, it is very rare for a woman to experience permanent vision changes because she was pregnant and gave birth; the hormones that were abnormal during the pregnancy will regulate themselves shortly after the baby is delivered, which usually results in normal vision again.

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