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Poor Quality of Tears

Many people suffer from dry eyes because their tears do not consist of the right chemical makeup to remain on the eyeball for as long as they should. Miami Beach eye doctors see people with this condition quite often, and treating it can sometimes be complex. There are many things that can cause someone’s tear quality to be so poor, but most of them can be identified easily and corrected. When someone has this condition, their eyes are likely going to be dry for long periods of time. Any eye doctor in Miami will tell you that having dry eyes for too long can be hazardous to your health. Chronic dry eye can cause people to develop inflamed eyes, which can lead to infections.

What Causes Poor Tear Quality?

When someone is having a chronic dry eye problem due to the quality of their tears, there are several things that are going to be looked at. Identifying the source of the problem is something that you and your doctor in Miami Beach can figure out.

● Taking a new medication. There are some medications that cause people to expel water quicker than normal, which can result in an altered tear composition that causes them to evaporate quickly. Identifying the new medication that you’re on should be quite easy.

● A new diet. Foods contain all types of chemicals, vitamins, nutrients, and other things essential to life. However, too much or too little of one thing can cause someone’s body chemistry to change. This can result in an altered tear composition.

● A change in physical environment or physical activity. When someone is working out more often, their body will produce different hormones than if they are not exercising. Changing homes can also cause someone to be exposed to new chemicals that weren’t present in their old living environment.

Correcting Low Quality Tear Problems

If your optometrist in Miami Beach has discovered that you’re suffering from chronic dry eye because of your tear composition, then you need to go over everything they want you to examine. If the problem is a new medication you’re on, then another one can be found that will have the same results. If your living situation or physical activity is causing the problem, then you may need to move or change your routines. The diet you are on can also be modified to include/exclude the foods that are causing the problem. Dealing with this issue is fairly urgent because dry eyes can affect someone’s quality of life.

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