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How Office Jobs Affect Your Vision

People who work in offices often make an appointment with their doctor in Miami Beach because they are suffering from vision problems. This is actually quite common; people who stare at a computer screen all day long are prone to having vision problems more than people who do not. One of the most common symptoms that eye doctors in Miami see is people who are suffering from chronic dry eye. When someone is staring at a computer screen for hours each day, it’s common for them to go longer periods of time without blinking. This is because they are focused on the screen in front of them and what they are doing too hard.

Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome

The condition that people suffer from related to staring at computers all day long is known as computer vision syndrome. This condition has a number of symptoms, and people who work in offices need to be on the lookout for them. If a patient notices that they have more than one of these symptoms, then they need to make an appointment with their optometrist in Miami Beach.

● Blurred vision. People who are suffering from computer vision syndrome often have blurred vision. This is likely because they are used to focusing on an object that’s right in front of them for long periods of time.

● Headaches. It’s common for someone who works in an office to get headaches from their computer screen. This is most likely because of the lighting conditions in their office in contrast to the brightness of their computer screen.

● Strained eyes. When someone is focusing to see their computer screen, they will sometimes strain their eyes harder than normal.

● Dry eyes. When someone is very focused on a computer task, they can go too long without blinking. This will result in dry eyes over long periods of time.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Vision Damage?

People who work in office situations often ask their Miami eye doctor what they can do to prevent the problem from getting worse. Some people may need to have special glasses prescribed when they are working on their computer, but other people may just need to take breaks more often. Taking a quick five minute break in the middle of working on a computer can help a patient’s vision drastically. It will allow their eyes to refocus on other objects and remain in good health.

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