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What is Ocular Surface Inflammation?

Ocular surface inflammation is the medical term for when the surface of a patient’s eyes becomes inflamed. The eyes, just like any other part of the body, can be affected by things that cause them to become swollen. Eye doctors in Miami often see people who have inflamed eyes because they are dealing with another health issue that’s causing them. For example, people who are suffering from chronic dry eye or those who have rheumatoid arthritis may experience inflamed eyes on a regular basis. Treating this condition is crucial in order to prevent it from causing issues in the future. The good news is that there are several things a Miami optometrist can do to help those who are dealing with inflamed eyes.

What Causes Ocular Surface Inflammation?

There are dozens of things that can cause a person to experience ocular surface inflammation, from normal debris in the air to underlying health issues. Here are the most common reasons a Miami eye doctor sees a patient suffering from eye inflammation:

● People who have short eyelashes are going to get debris in their eyes more often than others. Dust, wind, and other things can cause the eyes to become inflamed.

● People who are dealing with chronic dry eye syndrome. When the eyes are not lubricated as they should be, they will become inflamed.

● People with poor quality tears. If someone’s tears are evaporating too quickly, it will cause dry eye and also inflammation.

● Those who have health conditions like diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, or glaucoma. All of these things can cause ocular surface inflammation.

Preventing Inflammation From Becoming a Problem

Those who are constantly dealing with inflamed eyes need to figure out how to prevent it from happening over and over. Those who have a prescription for eyeglasses in Miami Beach can seriously benefit from wearing them as often as they should be. The glass barrier will prevent wind or debris from getting into the eye, stopping the body’s natural inflammation response. People who are dealing with inflammation because of another health issue may need to be prescribed special eye drops that stop the swelling from happening so often. Treating someone’s inflammation issue is going to depend on what’s causing it, but it’s usually easy for an eye doctor to prevent the swelling from being an ongoing issue. 

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