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Observing Pinkeye

One of the most common conditions that an eye doctor in Miami sees a patient dealing with is pinkeye. This is a condition that’s also known as conjunctivitis, and it’s caused by either a bacterial or viral infection of the conjunctiva. The conjunctiva is a transparent layer of the eyeball that covers the white part of the eye and a portion of the inner eyelid. When it becomes infected, it will make the entire eye appear pink, hence the name ‘pinkeye’. In most cases of pinkeye, the condition will go away without any extra treatment. However, some people may need to get a prescription from their eye doctor in Miami Beach to deal with this issue.

Causes of Pinkeye

Many people wonder just how they got this infection in the first place, and the answer may not be so clear. There are several things that a Miami Beach eye doctor sees patients doing which can lead to pinkeye. Here are some of the most common causes of this condition:

● Getting bacteria into the eyes. Bacteria is everywhere, and some people may forget that as they wipe their eyes with a rag that’s not the cleanest.

● Touching the eyes with dirty hands. People who have been to the bathroom or are in a public place need to remember to wash their hands before they come into contact with their eyes.

● Viral infections. One of the more uncommon forms of pinkeye is caused by a viral infection instead of a bacteria. People dealing with this may need to get prescription drops from their eye doctor.

● Getting debris in the eye. People who get foreign objects into their eye may cut the outer layer of it, allowing bacteria to get inside and cause an eye infection.

Treating Pinkeye and Preventing Future Damage

People who are prescribed eyeglasses in Miami Beach need to be sure they are wearing them at all times. Glasses can prevent debris and bacteria from getting into the eyes, and they will also help people prevent from straining their eye muscles too hard. For someone whose pinkeye does not resolve itself naturally in a few days, they will need to start taking a prescription eye drop that will be applied multiple times per day. This eye drop is likely going to be an antibiotic drug that will help get rid of the virus or bacteria that’s causing the problem. Treating pinkeye as quickly as possible is important to prevent it from causing damage that may result in vision problems later on.

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