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Night Vision – Exploring Your Eyes

Many people ask their eye doctor in Miami about their natural ability to see in the dark during their appointment. Some people notice that they can see much better than others at night, and some people have also noticed tricks that can help them see better in low-light conditions. The eye is a fascinating part of the human body because it does many things when there isn’t much light, such as expanding the pupil to soak up as much light as possible. When the pupil expands naturally, much like when your Miami Beach eye doctor dilates them during a visit, it’s so the eye can take in as much light as possible and allow you to comprehend your surroundings.

How to Improve Natural Night Vision

There are actually a few things that you can do to help increase your natural ability to see at night. Your eye doctor in Miami Beach can tell you about a few tips and tricks that are going to improve your ability to make out objects during the night time.

● When trying to see something at night, look at it with your peripheral vision. The rod photoreceptors are almost purely responsible for night vision, and they are present mainly around the retina.

● Covering one eye can increase its sensitivity to light. This is the pirate theory; many people said pirates would cover one eye with a patch and only use it when sailing at night to increase its sensitivity.

● When trying to see at night, keep your eyes moving. Focusing on one object will prevent your ability to make out shapes and figures, which is primarily what you’ll be able to see with your rod photoreceptors.

● Taking the right vitamins for eye health is also known to help improve people’s night vision.

Using Technology For Night Vision

While some people are curious as to what their optometrist in Miami Beach knows about night vision, there are also other things that people may want to know regarding the ability to see in the dark. There are devices, such as night vision goggles, that can drastically improve what a person is able to see during completely dark situations. While these devices are usually expensive and not for the average citizen, they are available and can be useful for certain people. A farmer, for example, may want a night vision scope so they can see if any animals are getting into their crops during the night.

photo credit: Amy Watts via photopin (license)