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The Newest in Eye Technology

Scientific advances allow medical technology to improve on a regular basis, and this is great news for patients and doctors in Miami Beach. Many people are interested in having eye surgery to correct their vision but are skeptical about one or more aspects of it. However, the latest advances in eye technology are slowly but surely removing the fears that patients commonly have. There are new lasers and different forms of medical equipment that make operations easier for Miami eye doctors to perform and safer for their patients. Knowing about these advances allows you to be more informed about the procedure when you speak with your doctor about it.

The Most Advanced Tools for Laser Eye Surgery

Here are some of the latest advances that are revolutionizing the way doctors perform optical surgery:

● IntraLasik is a new way of creating a flap in the cornea so an eye surgeon can perform the necessary feats to correct a patient’s vision. Previously, a blade had to be use to cut the flap. This advanced laser is making eye surgery 100% blade free.

● ReLEx SMILE is a femtosecond laser that can help an eye surgeon perform the operation without having to make a corneal flap at all. Being able to modify a patient’s eye through a keyhole in the cornea removes any potential complications the flap may pose after the operation.

● A CustomVUE laser is commonly used in laser eye procedures today. This is a laser that measures the exact specifications of a patient’s visual profile. Also, this laser locks onto a patient’s eye to allow maximum precision during an operation; it will automatically adjust to the slightest movement in order to remain accurate and prevent damage to other portions of the eye.

Being Prepared for Your Procedure

Knowing about these advanced tools allows you to speak with your eye doctor in Miami Beach about your concerns and to find out if they use them. Unfortunately, not all eye surgeons make use of the latest technology just yet and still work with the older tools and methods for optical surgery. The older techniques pose more risks and are more difficult for a doctor to perform, which is where most of the negative myths about eye operations come from. Those that use the newest technology are going to have little room for error due to the tools they are using and their ability to assist a doctor during the operation 

If you are concerned about undergoing laser eye surgery due to some of the things you’ve heard about it, then you need to ask your Miami optometrist to refer you to an eye surgeon that uses the latest technology. Your optometrist will have no problem ensuring that you feel as comfortable as possible with your procedure so you can get rid of your vision problems without worry.

photo credit: blue eye via photopin (license)